Amer Adnan Associates is an award-winning architectural design firm with a clear focus – creating spaces that matter.

AAA has an architectural style that is tasteful and practical. What sets the firm apart is its versatile approach to a design – the end product could be ultramodern or very traditional. The construction process is very transparent; clients are free to choose their own vendors and determine the level of supervision required.

AAA is very hands-on during all stages of the project; the dedicated teams of design, supervision and construction work in conjunction to make the best possible product.

Amer Adnan

Chief Designer

Mr. Adnan is the founder and CEO of Amer Adnan Associates. He returned to Pakistan in 2005, after working in the Chicago Land Area for over fifteen years. He has created a design boutique which caters to businessmen and professionals alike. His design portfolio includes over 50 residential and commercial projects, local and international.  Mr. Adnan believes in creative expression –  designing inventively and making it possible.

Hashim Mahmood

Senior Architect

Mr. Mahmood is an award-winning architect with an eye for detail. His field experience has given him in-depth technical knowledge which he uses to manage the design team at AAA. He obtained a Bachelors of Architecture from the National College of Arts, Lahore  and is the recipient of the Bhai Ram Singh Award and the three time winner of the Principle Honor Award. He also received the Mehdi Ali Mirza Award from the Institute of Architects, Pakistan and has completed a Project Management Professional from NED Karachi.

Hina Irfan


Hina is an architect inspired by art nouveau interiors and digital art. She is fascinated by the concepts designers put out day after day and is particularly interested in landscape architecture –  a field that culminates three very basic things: vegetation, free form design and the great outdoors.


Head of Structural Design

Mr. Haq is a retired Lt. Colonel with over twenty five years of experience in engineering and construction. His portfolio includes projects done for multinationals such as BECTAL, NAMKAWANG and REDEC, as well as those completed nationally as Chief Engineer.

The scope of work includes university hospitals, schools, as well as the design of water supply and sewerage systems.

He obtained his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from the Military College of Engineering in Risalpur.

Mursil Nazir

Interior Designer

Mursil is a young and highly active member of Amer Adnan Associates. He works in the Interior Design Department as a 3D Artist. His skills continue to grow and develop, as he strives to create photorealistic and visually exciting imagery.

Wajiha Nayab Hayderi

Interior Designer

Wajiha is the chief coordinator between the marketing and the sales team at AAA. She is a workaholic with a total experience of eight years in the interior design industry and she’s a freelance writer. Her interests include reading and still-life photography.

Farrukh Ali

Senior Site Supervisor

Farrukh’s responsibilities can be summarized in a single statement – get the job done and get it done right. He ensures that the design is implemented correctly, and serves as a liaison between client and contractor.

Zaheer Abbas

3D Artist and Site Supervisor

Zaheer has worked on a diverse number of projects in the past few years, and several of them on an international level in conjunction with Mr. Adnan. He is an integral part of the firm, and continues to evolve as a digital artist.

Muhammad Azeem

CAD operator

Azeem is a steady hand who works quickly and efficiently to convert sketches into a digital format. His is responsible for managing project folders and keeping tabs on the information conveyed to and from the client.

Faheem Kashif

3D Artist

Faheem works as a 3D generalist; he pays special attention to lighting and textures. He is an avid learner who continually improves his techniques with each successive project.

Adnan Iqbal

3D Artist

Adnan specializes in residential interiors, where lighting is as pivotal to the success of the concept as well as the design elements themselves. He optimizes lighting and material textures, to make sure we can achieve the best possible results – visually.

Rabia Rafaqat

Administrative Manager

Rabia runs a tight ship, with no room for shirkers. Her responsibilities include customer support, human resource management and scheduling.

Muaaz Naeem


Muaaz is invaluable to the firm, because of his discipline and timeliness. Money matters are managed and dealt with effectively. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Middlesex University, UK, in 2010 and has been working with AAA since then.

“We wanted a home and not just a house, and true to their word Amer Adnan Associates gave us a home we had dreamed off. The details we mentioned, the interests or themes we liked, everything was well thought off and planned. They sit down with you and understand that this is a onetime opportunity for a family to have a home and they make sure that you get your money’s worth”

Mr. & Mrs. Rehman

“For a complete stranger to understand your needs and the way your home to be is quite impossible but Amer Adnan Associates made sure everything was possible.”

Mrs. Nazia Bashir

“Our first home and our first and only choice Amer Adnan Associates.”

Mr. & Mrs. Mehmood

“We have never been this relived with our decision than we were after opting for Amer Adnan Associates, they gave us what we needed a home.”

Mr. & Mrs. Naveed Raza

Press & Media

Your Home Your Decision!

We all have heard about the “5 Things You Need To Know before Building a Home”, the internet is full of websites with these little reminders. But how do we know exactly what are those five things that you need to keep in mind. After all it all depends from person to but we can safely say that we are here to tell you exactly what you need to know.

To begin with your budget matters a lot, you need to know exactly how much are you willing to spend. Once your numbers are in order only then you can proceed onto the next step. The initial budget that you plan to spend, you always have to keep some extra cash at hand in case the cost during the construction rises at anytime. A safe keeping, just so you know that you will not run out of cash.

After your numbers are decided, you need to find a very reliable and reputable architect. One who understands what you need and one who knows how to work with your given budget. The architect can come up with solutions to your requirements without exceeding your given budget. So find one that you believe would be the best in line.

We never know when hard times strike or what circumstances we might ourselves in later in life. So you have to build a house keeping in mind resale. Now the resale value of your home is something to work over, it’s not the matter of a simple construction. You need to add in rooms, bathrooms along with other things such as laundries, garages, heating and cooling systems and also something that is energy efficient.

It is essential to have a green place at your home, as it not only helps regulate the oxygen but all keeps the heat away. A beautifully landscaped garden or backyard is something that you should be looking for. In summers it should provide you with shade, a place for the kids to play and have your evening tea and in winters to share coffees and have little get together with friends and family.

Finally, the last part of the whole home, is taking in little notes with your builder or your architect as to what still needs to be done and what is missing. What should be added and what is suppose to be removed.

With these simple little things you should be ready with the basic info you need to get started on your dream home. This way you would know what are you looking at what input you would have in your dream home.

A Different Concept

It is not necessary to think that you live in Pakistan and you can not have something that comes from a UK or a USA magazine. The concept of people wanting things for their home these days has changed dramatically. People are more now into westren ideas and standards of constructing homes. Ideas are evolving with personal touches hence creating a whole new look.

Clients as we call them are now more open to options that will last for the next 5 years to come, after all it is not easy renovating or remodelling a home every other year or so. So now the concept of sunrooms, solariums, garden spaces and back yards are more in than anything else. People want to make the most of the space they have usually its 1 kanal or 2. And if you have a clever architect then that space can be fitted in with these ideas as well. It’s all about who you are paying and for what, one thing I can assure you of is @ Amer Adnan Associates we first listen to the concept of a home from your point fo view. We know this is probably a one time opportunity for you and you want it to be the best. So why not?

There are just some things you have to keep in mind and discuss with your architect so that he and you both understand where you are heading. You can grab a concept from any magazine or wesbite and work with your architect around it so that from a technical point of view its all possible and from a personal point of view its applicable as well.

Times, technology and wishes have a whole new meaning now which means anything you want can be possible now, you only have to work around it to make it a reality.

Colour Physcology For Your Home!!!

We all at times are draw to different colours for many different reasons, for some it is something emotional and for some just the feel and the look of it. To most a particular colour will remind them of someone close and to some something even more personla. Now how does colour physcology work with our homes lets have a look, normally we see homes in our Pakistani society coloured all in white inside and out. Even individual rooms are usually of the same colour, which till date is practiced quite a lot. But now a hanfdull of teens and some adults have started experimenting with colours to see what would work. We have to keep in mind that colours that we choose all have different impacts on our home. Some colours make a partiuclar place look twice in size and give a new and bolder look and some reduce the size of the place all together. Some colours get you hyper and some soothe the mind completely.

The colour White is mostly associated with purity, innocence, cleanliness, sense of space, neutrality and mourning (in some cultures/societies). Which does not mean that you have to associate your self with mourning but it cna be all the other things for you too.

Now on the other hand when we come to the colour black it is most associated with authority, power, strength, ilintelligence, thinning / slimming and death or mourning. Black also for a majority of the people can mean being in a bleak and depressing mood. But lately it has come into notice that the youth is more into the colour black for the peace it provides them and the thinking ability it gives them.

The colour grey stands out to be more neutral, timeless and no non sense and practical colour. It can give you the serious edge you look for or simple the plainness you might seek.

The Color Red has the most intense effect ever known for a colour, its love, romance, gentle, warmth, comfort, energy, excitement, intensity, life and blood for all most all the cultures around the world. It is mostly associated with happiness and positive hyperness.

Similarly following are some descriptions that we all have associated with the following colours
The Color Orange is associated with happy, energetic, excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, wealth prosperity, sophistication, change and stimulation.

The Color Yellow depicts happiness, laughter, cheery, warmth, optimism, hunger, intensity, frustration, anger and attention-getting.Yet it is also a summer colour and gives pleasnt smiles as well.

The Color Green is more a nature colour it associates with cool, growth, money, health, envy, tranquility, harmony, calmness and fertility.

The Color Blue is more the colour of a bachelor its calmness, serenity, cold, uncaring, wisdom, loyalty, truth, focused, and un-appetizing. We must keep in mind that like everything else colors have a nagtive impact too, but it depends on us which side we choose.

The Color Purple is all about royalty, wealth, sophistication, wisdom, exotic, spiritual, prosperity, respect, and mystery.

The Color Brown is reliability, stability, friendship, sadness, warmth, comfort, security, natural, organic and mourning (in some cultures/societies)

The Color Pink is romance, love, gentleness, calming and agitation.


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