Amer Adnan Associates is an award-winning architectural design and construction firm with a clear focus – creating spaces that matter

AAA has an architectural style that is tasteful and practical. What sets the firm apart is its versatile approach to a design – the end product could be ultramodern or very traditional. The construction and design process is very transparent; clients are free to choose their own vendors and determine the level of supervision required.


Amer Adnan Associates is very hands-on during all stages of the project; the dedicated teams of design, supervision and construction work in conjunction to make the best possible product.

  • What Our Customers Say

    Mr. & Mrs. Naveed Raza

    “We have never been this relived with our decision than we were after opting for Amer Adnan Associates, they gave us what we needed a home.”

  • What Our Customers Say

    Mr. & Mrs. Mehmood

    “Our first home and our first and only choice Amer Adnan Associates.”

  • What Our Customers Say

    Mrs. Nazia Bashir

    “For a complete stranger to understand your needs and the way your home to be is quite impossible but Amer Adnan Associates made sure everything was possible.”

  • What Our Customers Say

    Mr. & Mrs. Rehman

    “We wanted a home and not just a house, and true to their word Amer Adnan Associates gave us a home we had dreamed off. The details we mentioned, the interests or themes we liked, everything was well thought off and planned. They sit down with you and understand that this is a onetime opportunity for a family to have a home and they make sure that you get your money’s worth”

Press & Media

Amer Adnan is one of the few professional interior designers in Pakistan with Professional Degree in Interior Design from a prestigious university in Chicago. Adnan served Chicago Land Area for more than fifteen years after which he came back to Pakistan in the year 2005. After returning to Pakistan, Mr. Adnan established AmerAdnan® Associates an interior design and architectural firm in Lahore. Adnan’s portfolio encompasses more than fifty residential as well as commercial projects in Pakistan as well as abroad.

AmerAdnan Associates

September 16th 2014, Samaa TV, a well-known private satellite news channel in Pakistan invited Mr.Adnan for an exclusive interview in their morning show ‘Qutab Online’ by Syed Bilal Qutab. Adnan was asked to enlighten people about various principles and elements involved in interior designing and decoration. Below are the details about the interview:

Samaa TV: Does color scheme impact people’s moods, personalities and the environment around a house or a workplace?

AmerAdnan: Yes indeed. The color scheme of a home or a professional workplace puts great impact on the way its residents or workers behave and grow. This fact has even been proved and mentioned by a number of psychologists worldwide. Therefore a great attention must be paid towards choosing colors for walls, woodwork and furniture. This can be done best by hiring the services of a professional.

Samaa TV: We have seen a growing trend of using ceramic tiles instead of marble for flooring across Pakistan. Which one out of these, do you think is the best choice?

AmerAdnan: Well, it totally depends on what appeals people the most. However, I myself recommend using marble for flooring because it’s the most desired type of flooring worldwide. Furthermore, since marble is the natural resource of Pakistan, it is found at low pricing; hence can also be afforded by all.

Samaa TV: Which one would you recommend out of these: an overdesigned house or a simple one?

AmerAdnan: Simple one is better. This is what an interior designer is supposed to do. He would install lights intelligently and would minimize the furniture and other accessories.

Samaa TV: A person requires getting paint job done for his house. How can he afford paying a hundred thousand rupees to the interior designer? Do you think it is important for him to hire the services of an interior designer for paint job?

AmerAdnan: Yes it is very important to hire an interior designer for the paint job since the paint plays a key role in overall look of a house. Besides, it’s an investment that always pays back in due course.

Samaa TV: Bathroom ventilation issue is something found very common at homes across the world. What would you suggest in this regard?

AmerAdnan: I have seen a trend of placing smaller windows in the bathrooms which minimize the cross ventilation and cause difficulty for the residents. So I would recommend using large-size windows in bathrooms for avoiding any probable ventilation issues. Moreover, there should be a powerful exhaust placed in each bathroom to help vent the moisture and odor out.

Samaa TV: Please suggest something a housewife can do in terms of home interior designing that would help her bring an instant smile on her husband’s face as he comes home tired from work each day.

AmerAdnan: A housewife should cook Tasty Biryani or Chaamp to please her husband.

Keeping in view the world class interior design and construction services provided by Amer Adnan Associates™ in Pakistan, quite a few media organizations have invited the chief executive officer of AAA Mr. AmerAdnan to visit their premises and enlighten public as regards the role of construction and interior design industry across residential and commercial projects in the 21st century and also about the future of architectural and interior decoration industry in Pakistan.

On Friday, 18th September 2014, City42 which is one of the leading television channels of Pakistan invited CEO of AAA Mr. AmerAdnan to appear live on their morning show and let people know about the emerging trends in interior designing as well as usual demands of people across the country. Below are the details of this conversation:

City42: Ten years back, you were living in United States; what made you come back to Pakistan all of a sudden and start interior decoration business here?

AmerAdnan: I had the passion of interior designing since long and had always wanted to come back to Pakistan to serve my country. For that reason I decided coming back to Pakistan along with my wife and children in the year 2005. After coming back I formed Amer Adnan Associates in the same year and today we pride ourselves in being rated among the top 5 interior designers in Lahore. We are covering the entire Punjab region including Lahore, Sialkot, Multan, Okara, Kharian and many other cities for commercial as well as residential projects.

City42: If we talk about the awareness of interior designing among common people, do you think people in Pakistan by this time, are willing to pay a consultant for designing of their residential or commercial projects? How much difficulty do you face in this regard?

AmerAdnan: Yes, of course! Majority of the people in Pakistan are not yet inclined towards hiring the services of a professional consultant for interior designing and décor of their residential or commercial projects. This awareness lacks more in residents of Lahore as compared to those living in Karachi and Islamabad.

City42: What kinds of requirements are put forth by your clients for their residential or commercial projects?

AmerAdnan: Well, let’s take an example of a residential project. There are families in Pakistan where the wives cook food; they would require a bigger dirty kitchen and a smaller main kitchen. Some families are insistent towards constructing separate drawing and dining rooms. Besides, there are families who have recently moved from villages; they would require verandas and courtyards. So, the requirements vary, depending entirely on the clients’ lifestyle.

Furthermore if we talk about design layout, we have many clients who are more insistent towards extravagance and pomp whereas others ask for a practical and straight-line house which is simple yet elegant. For the former we make use of wooden ceilings, versace tiles etc. whereas for the latter the designing process is totally different.

City42: Doesn’t it get tough for you to convince the clients when they demand for the type of tiles, color shades and other stuff in their home, that you know is going to ruin the entire design layout? How do you convince them?

AmerAdnan: Yes, indeed! It is a very challenging task to convince clients at such instants. In fact, it’s like starting a new business each time we get a new client.

City42: How do you convince your clients who request to have a look at your previous work?

AmerAdnan: We show them the presentations of our previous projects on computer. Whereas for the others who demand having a look at the real things; we arrange their visits to our projects which are heading towards completion, for their satisfaction.