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Entering your home unlocks the unique feeling of being safe and relaxed. It is mainly because of the comfort that we have associated with interior design. We have been doing interior design in Islamabad for more than ten years. Styling a space is more than just beautifying a house or creating a distinctive design. It is the art of creating a cohesive internal environment that corresponds to the inhabitant’s needs while focusing on the overall visual appeal.

An interior design service is a comprehensive facility that offers in-person design, project management, purchasing, installation, and finishing. Thus, engaging with an interior designer in Islamabad can have a prominent impact on not only how aesthetically pleasing your house turns out to be but on the whole process of embellishing your house as well. Also check out our home construction services.

Amer Adnan Associates- Interior Designer in Islamabad

Amer Adnan Associates is one of the top architectural services, construction management, and interior designing companies in Pakistan, providing services nationwide. We believe in building spaces that are well planned, reflect functionality, and design and serve the specific interior design needs of our clients.

Having experience of more than 20 years, the company is ranked among the famous interior designers in Islamabad, offering professional services in the fields of house interior design, office interior design, commercial interior design, etc.

Amer Adnan Associates

Our Interior Design Services in Islamabad

Islamabad is a city with a beautiful blend of topographic features including mountains, hills, and lush green forests. The city showcases beautiful architecture, ranging from beautiful houses to modern office designs.

At Amer Adnan Associates, we offer a wide range of interior design services in Islamabad to our valued clients, helping them build interior designs that perfectly sync with their style requirements and personal preferences. With a team of professionally trained interior designers in Islamabad, we have expertise in providing top-notch design services, catering to all different kinds of projects.

Be it a majestic 1 kanal plus mansion or a modern café décor, a commercial building design, or an innovative office décor, we have successfully done it for our clients. Our interior designers in Islamabad have always ensured that the décor proposed and presented perfectly resonates with the style philosophy of our respected clients.

Some of the popular house interior designs in Islamabad are listed here:

Service Architechture


A clean, open space with minimal embellishments and a muted color palette best describes a minimalist approach to interior design. This style often supports functional furniture and a detailed lighting design, while emphasizing the shape and texture of the essential elements present in the room. Because of its simplistic charm, minimalistic style is popular among interior designers in Islamabad and architects in Islamabad.

Service Architechture


The modern interior design is clean and elegant. It is an interior design style that focuses on striking the right balance between the aesthetic value of the decoration and its placement.

The design features striking colors, an open floor plan, and chic décor that emphasizes natural light. Interior designers in Islamabad actively opt for a modern style house because it’s clean and attractive and the clients feel comfortable with it.

Service Architechture


The eclectic interior is a style known for its culture of rich interior, as it elegantly incorporates aspects from several design styles into a single space. The interior design typically includes lively colors and patterns, traditional furnishings, cross-cultural embellishments as well as surprising accents.

The eclectic style is a type of interior design that blends different styles and motifs together to create a unique aesthetic that has shades of both modern and classic. Over the last decade, interior designers in Islamabad have majorly shifted to building houses with an eclectic interior, as it helps the inhabitants stay closer to different cultures, which they associate with.


Why hire Amer Adnan Associates- the top Interior Designer in Islamabad?

Amer Adnan Associates is a comprehensive solution for all your interior design and construction needs. We have multiple interior designers in Lahore, Islamabad and other areas of Pakistan. With our extensive experience in the field of interior design in Islamabad, we have the expertise to understand the style requirements of our clients and provide them with exceedingly satisfying designs.

At Amer Adnan Associates we value the individualistic approach of our clients. Serving as the best interior designers in Islamabad, we are always listening to what our clients want, understanding their style requirement, and with our creative vision, turning the design into reality.

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