About Amer Adnan Associates

Who we are


Amer Adnan Associates is an architectural design and construction firm that focuses on designing spaces that encourage wellness. AAA was founded by Mr. Amer Adnan; he’s built a team of professionals that can cater to clients’ requirements to deliver the most optimal solutions; and have made a portfolio that extends national borders.

What we do


From remodeling to creating to interior design, we do it all! Technology-oriented office spaces, chic cafes and luxury homes, we strive for perfection and innovation in both residential and commercial projects. Our customer-centric philosophy ensures a unique approach to each project based on the client's expectations.

How we work


AAA’s work is best defined by two words – seamless integration. Every project undertaken is ensured to be cost and energy efficient. Our clients are always at the forefront of all decision-making throughout the project with free choice in terms of vendor as well as convenience in level of supervision to provide the optimal outcome.

CEO Amer Adnan
CEO Message

Meet The CEO

After spending twenty years studying and working in the United States, Mr. Amer Adnan returned to his homeland Pakistan to foster his entrepreneurial side. He always had a passion for interior design and the rise of architectural firms in a region where the concept was not widely popular before, intrigued him. After conducting some research, he concluded that though the Pakistani community had become receptive to the idea of hiring professional help and most architectural firms represented a signature style. Ideas were thrown upon clients to choose from and the mere facade of a structure could reveal the designer behind it. Mr. Amer wanted his work to represent the dreams and desires of each unique customer rather than a symbolic product embodying the organization’s style. That is when the ‘customer centric’ Amer Adnan Associates was brought to life in 2002 with a majority of its residential and commercial projects taking place in the Punjab region. The AAA team now provides architectural design and construction services nationwide - specifically in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore.

Why Amer Adnan Associates?