In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest and popularity in the idea of living in a farmhouse in Pakistan. Living in a modern farmhouse gives residents access to the comfort of modern architecture and design while being surrounded by elements of nature and growing your own organic food. Farmhouse designs in Pakistan stand as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between traditional and modern Pakistani architecture. While there are many distinct features of modern farmhouse designs according to top architects in Lahore, here’s a look at some of the prominent ones below.

A Large Porch and Outdoor Spaces

Most farmhouse designs in Pakistan feature a large porch and outdoor spaces. A covered porch is often incorporated to provide shelter from natural elements. It can also serve as an outdoor sitting area. Incorporating comfortable furniture can allow you to relax and enjoy your surroundings. You can use locally sourced materials for the porch construction.

Landscaping plays an important role to enhance the outdoor spaces. Gardens filled with fruit trees and lawns filled with seasonal flowerbeds can add serenity to your farmhouse and immerse you close to nature. You can also incorporate outdoor dining areas such as a patio or a deck adjacent to the kitchen, in your farmhouse design. You can use ambient lighting for a cozy effect. 

Exposed Beams

According to top architects in Islamabad, exposed beams are a favored feature in farmhouse designs in Pakistan. They add a rustic and traditional touch. The beams should not only be decorative but also be functional and provide structural integrity. Wooden beams can add a touch of warmth. The wood can be stained or left in its original state. Exposed beams in a ceiling create a sense of openness and can be used to define different areas in an open floor plan.  Exposed beams can also be used outdoors. Vaulted ceilings with exposed beams create a dramatic and a visually striking effect. Various other materials can also be used for the beams. Different ceiling designs with exposed beams can be incorporated in your farmhouse design.

Open Kitchen

To create a feeling of spaciousness you can have an open kitchen with dining and living areas. You can use your desired kitchen layout such as L shaped kitchen, peninsula kitchen or an island kitchen. Provide ample storage to keep the kitchen clutter free and organized.

Incorporate countertops and a large kitchen island made of materials like granite or quartz that are durable. Use natural materials like wood and stone to add an earthy touch. Plan the kitchen with efficiency in mind and consider the work triangle principle. You can add a cozy dining area in the kitchen. Blend modern functionality and traditional aesthetics considering the cultural elements of farmhouse design in Pakistan

Swimming Pools

Swimming pool is an integral element of farmhouse designs in Pakistan.  The size of the swimming pool is determined based on the available space. The shape can be selected based on your preference. You can integrate the swimming pool with the natural landscape.

A pool deck can be incorporated in thedesign. According to the best architects in Lahore, natural materials such as stone, wood and bamboo can be used for seating areas. Shade structures such as pergolas, umbrellas and gazebos can be installed to provide shelter from the sun. Incorporate lighting for safety and aesthetic purposes. For a more contemporary look, incorporate an infinity or reflective pool. The swimming pool can become a standout feature and enhance the overall appeal of your property. 

Beautiful Courtyards

Courtyards reflect Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and can be incorporated in modern farmhouse designs to serve as a functional and aesthetic element. Courtyards feature arched doorways, intricate woodwork and decorative tile work and are surrounded by rooms on all four sides.

They might also include centralized water features such as fountains or small ponds. You can also include greenery, flowerbeds and small trees to add color and texture. Seating areas can be incorporated in a courtyard to add a modern touch.  

Large Windows and Ventilation

Most farmhouse designs in Pakistan feature large windows. The farmhouse should be designed with the orientation kept in mind to take maximum advantage of natural light and prevailing wind. Large windows allow proper ventilation and provide scenic views from the outdoors.

Double glazed glass windows can be used to maintain temperature. Louvers and vents can also be incorporated into the design to ensure ventilation. Louvers also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the facade. Prioritizing large windows will help you create a farmhouse with sustainability in mind and access to amazing views.

Verandas and Terrace

Verandas and terraces in Pakistan are often covered to provide shelter from natural elements. You can use wooden beams, caved pillars and wooden latticework in the verandas. 

An outdoor barbecue pit can be built on the terrace. Incorporate trellises, privacy screens and other landscaping features in your verandas and terraces. Grilles, louvers and slats can be used on balconies to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your farmhouse design.

Gabled Roofs

Many farmhouse designs in Pakistan feature gabled roofs. They add a traditional and rustic touch to the farmhouse to make it blend with the surrounding environment. They are well suited to shed water. They allow for natural ventilation and help cool down interior spaces without relying on artificial cooling systems.

They can provide extra space in the form of lofts and attics for storage. You can also incorporate a mezzanine floor in your farmhouse. Gable roofs provide functionality while being aesthetically pleasing.

Pergolas and Shade Structures

Pergolas and other shade structures are a key element of farmhouse designs in Pakistan. Keeping in mind Pakistan’s diverse climate conditions, in areas with hot and dry climates, shade structures are integral.

You can use pergolas with adjustable louvers and retractable canopies to control sunlight and ventilation. You can incorporate features like arched openings, carved wooden details and latticework in terracotta or wood. For modern and contemporary farmhouse designs in Lahore, a sleek and minimalist pergola can be used to compliment the overall aesthetic.

You can use aluminum combined with tempered glass panels for that purpose. Gazebos with a built-in floor can be incorporated into your design or can be placed on a concrete base. Incorporate inbuilt lighting, seating areas and other decorative elements.

Farmhouse designs in Pakistan serve as retreats nestled among scenic landscapes. It is the perfect living space for those who want to live close to nature, in an open space while having all the comforts of modern architecture techniques.

Written by : Gashia Imtiaz