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Home architecture design is the art of building spaces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing for their inhabitants. The process of designing house architecture involves a number of pivotal decisions to be taken, including the type of construction material, the color palette to be incorporated, the shapes to be used, and their sizes, in order to give the house an inviting and comfortable look. A home architecture design focuses on understanding the unique requirement of the homeowner and then ensuring that all the architectural features to be added to the house design are successfully meeting their needs. Thus, when building a new house or renovating for a new look, Home architecture design is an integral part of both processes.

In order to build a design that can not only result in a beautiful home but also reflects the lifestyle and personality of the homeowner, working with a professional home architecture design service provider is inevitable. Hiring home architecture design companies makes the process of design hassle-free, helps save money, time, and energy, and ensures that you get a design that is tailored to meet your needs and taste.

Amer Adnan Associates – Providing Best Home Architecture Design Services

Amer Adnan Associates is one of the top architecture, construction management, and interior designing company in Pakistan, exhibiting significant expertise in the field of offering customized home architecture designs.

From the company’s conception in 2002, till now we have successfully served our clients with home architecture designs, in all the major cities of Pakistan, including Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, etc. designs, which resonate with the individualistic design philosophy of the customer.

Amer Adnan Associates

Our Home Architecture Design Services

At Amer Adnan associates, our vision is to build innovative, well-planned, functional, and sustainable home architecture. With an unparalleled experience of 20 years and a team of visionary architects, we have built spaces for our clients that sync with their architectural design requirements for their houses.

So, whether it is a 1 Kanal plus regal mansion or a classic 10 Marla house in DHA, we have done it all for our valued customers. Our home architecture design services in Pakistan include the following:

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Architectural drawings are technical drawings that showcase the design and construction plan of the house. These drawings are created by our skilled architects based on the design requirements shared by the client. These drawings include site plans, floor plans, elevations, foundation plans, and submission drawings.

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Structural drawings are a prominent part of our home architecture design services because they act as the backbone in determining the structural integrity of the house constructed. Our structural drawings ensure that every aspect of the architectural design is focused upon, adding to the strength and durability of the house.

Some of our structural drawings include concrete columns and beams placement, foundations, rafts, retaining wall designs, etc.

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Electricity is the basic necessity of every house design, identifying every electrical component to be added and offering a rationale for it as well.

Our electrical plans services in Pakistan allow us to build customized electrical plans that complement the home architecture design. Our electrical plans include detailed lighting plans, electrical connection wiring plans, and thorough electrical supply plans.

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Investing in a proper plumbing plan is crucial for a house to avoid inconveniences that can be experienced because of leakages or an improper drainage system.

At Amer Adnan Associations, our home architecture designs come with a comprehensive plumbing plan including bath and kitchen fixtures, water supply, drainage, main holes, measurement and placement of water tanks, etc.

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A life safety drawing in house architecture design is a drawing that shows the various life safety systems included in the building.

Our life safety drawings in house architecture designs provide comprehensive details of the placement of fire alarms, smoke detection systems, security alarms, placement of fire suppressions, emergency exit routes, etc. We ensure that these drawings are efficient for the safety of the occupants and meet all local building codes.

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At Amer Adnan Associates we take pride in offering high-quality- realistic 3D visualizations of our home architecture designs. Our 3Ds are pixel-perfect, realistically depicting the materials used, measurements, and location of every object in the design and helping the clients enjoy a real-life experience of looking at their dream home designs.

Our Home Architecture Design Process

Keeping in view that home architecture design is a lengthy procedure, spread over a number of intricate steps, we have streamlined an efficient process of home architecture design for our clients including the following steps.

  • Initial meeting – helping us discuss and understand the client’s requirements
  • Budgeting and contract- formation of a BOQ based on all the requirements and scope of services discussed in the initial meeting.
  • Site analysis – studying the geography, typography, climate, neighborhood, soil, social, cultural, and legal aspects of the location.
  • Understanding client requirements – showing clients various reference images, sharing our suggestions that are more suitable, building mood boards, etc.
  • Layout design and development – developing detailed drawings of plans for all the floors, elevations, and other related drawings
  • Construction and submission drawings – developing structural drawings, electrical plans, plumbing plans etc


Why hire Amer Adnan Associates for Top Notch Home Architecture Design Services

Amer Adnan Associates provides a comprehensive solution for all your architectural design and construction needs. With extensive experience in providing top notch home architectural design services in Pakistan we have the ability to ability to interpret the style requirement of our clients and offer them a home architectural design that best fits their needs.

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