House Interior Design Services In Pakistan

Residential Interior design is the art of coordinating the decorative elements of a house to make the space more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for the inhabitants.

Hiring professional house interior designing services will not only provide you with an appealing custom-built design but will also offer assistance in adding value to your house and save you from the hassle of making costly mistakes, consequently saving a large chunk of money. So house interior design services is need of everyone now-a-days.

Amer Adnan Associates- Providing Best Interior Design Services for Houses in Pakistan

Amer Adnan Associates is one of the top architecture services, interior design, and construction company in Pakistan, providing services across the country for more than 20 years. Being the best house interior design services company in Pakistan we believe in building houses that are well thought out, reflect wellness, and are aligned with the unique design preferences of our clients. We are top architect in Lahore and also top architect in Islamabad.

Also as a company, we always keep our clients at the forefront of all the decision-making throughout the journey of building their dream house, offering a professionally designed interior space with a better living experience.

From the time of our inception till now, we have successfully completed numerous projects of house interior design services in Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities in Pakistan. We are professionals and it’s our job to make sure that your idea of a beautiful house turns into a sustainable reality.

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Our interior design services for houses in Pakistan

Amer Adnan Associates offers its clients a wide range of house interior design services , helping them build spaces that resonate with their design philosophy and preference. Whether it is a regal 1 Kanal house interior design services or a classic 10 marla house interior design services, we have done it for our clients, in a way that their house décor best defined them. We also provide house construction services. Our interior design services for houses include the flowing:

  • 3D rendering
  • 3D virtual walkthroughs
  • Space planning
  • Lighting design


We also specialize in providing:

  • Kitchen Interior Designs
  • Bathroom Interior Designs
  • Bedroom Interior Designs
  • Living Room Interior Designs
  • Drawing room Interior Designs
  • Home Office Interior Designs


Our Interior Design Process

Residential interior designing is considered a complex task as it not only involves a series of precise decisions and steps to be taken but it also highlights the personal design statement of both, the designer and the client. At Amer Adnan Associates we always work towards prioritizing client’s design needs, creating customized concepts and building spaces that are well thought out and sustainable.

And so as a company we take pride in delivering the best house interior design services in Pakistan. We have multiple interior designer in Islamabad, Lahore and other areas of pakistan.

Our interior design process consists of the following steps:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Budgeting and Contract
  • Concept Development
  • Material Selection
  • Design and Development
  • Completion and execution


Popular styles of House Interior Designs

Pakistani house interior designs have experienced a steady shift over the last few decades with numerous international trends being adopted by our clients. From overly decorated Victorian designs to the subtle modern look, from using a combination of interior styles to sticking with a minimalistic layout, house interior designs have always been evolving.

Here are few popular styles of house interior designs in Pakistan:

Service Architechture


An open, uncluttered space, with minimum embellishment and a neutral color palette, is what best describes a minimalistic approach to interior design. This style usually supports functional furniture, and a proper lighting design and lays in-depth focus on the shape and texture of the bare essentials present in the room.

This recent project by Amer Adnan Associates’ interior design team showcases the simplistic charm of a minimalistic design in its true form. A color palette of muted tones, sleek furniture, and minimum décor to reflect an in-depth focus on the shape and texture of the bare essentials present in the room.

Service Architechture


The modern interior house design is a style that is clean-looking yet stylish. It is the perfect balance between the aesthetical value of décor and its intended purpose of it. This design is defined by its prominent use of colors, open layouts, focus on natural lighting, and chic décor. Modern design is top level house interior design services in a market right now.

The balanced use of mustard with muted grey and white in the color palette, large glass windows, wooden flooring, and abstract wall art combines to build the perfect modern design for the living room. Our house interior design services ensure that we create spaces that connect with our client’s individualistic design philosophy.

Service Architechture


Haveli With its regal appeal, the haveli interior design for houses has always been a top trend in Pakistan. The style is a top preference in clients for its lofty windows, high roofs, patterned flooring, fountains, profusely carved wooden doors, verandas, balconies, royal furnishing, and colorful fresco wall art.

Our house interior design services team has recently finished decorating a beautiful mansion in the authentic haveli style. Beautifully patterned flooring large, wooden doors with beautiful carving, high roofs with double windows and a majestic chandelier beautifully enhance the elegant haveli look of the house.


Why hire Amer Adnan Associates for Interior House Design Services in Pakistan?

Amer Adnan Associates is your one-stop solution for all your interior design and construction needs. With our extensive experience in the field, we have the ability to interpret the style requirements of our clients and develop exceedingly realistic designs to assist our clients in visualizing our high-quality finished work.

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Interior house design services for 10 marla houses

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