Architecture Services In Pakistan

Architects services means providing a number of services, including site analysis, preparing feasibility reports, making structural, submission, and construction drawings, and preparing electrical and plumbing plans. Many seasoned architects also offer additional architectural services such as project management and designing 3D elevations.

Architecture is a blend of art and science that helps us create spaces that are worth living. Good architecture maximizes the utility of space, geolocation and other aspects of the house which positively impact our lives.

Amer Adnan Associates provides architecture design services. From here on forward we take you through everything that you need to know about architectural services in Lahore.


Founded in 2002, Amer Adnan Associates is an award-winning architecture, interior design services and construction company in Pakistan. We excel in offering top-of-the-line architecture services in Pakistan. Over the past two decades, we have turned the dreams of hundreds of clients in to reality.

We have completed a number of residential and commercial projects, designing contemporary cafes, luxurious houses and modern, tech oriented-offices. We pride ourselves in being a client-oriented firm that keeps the entire process transparent and our clients at the forefront of the decision-making process.

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We offer a wide range of architectural design services in Pakistan to help our clients turn their dream home into a reality. Our services are on par with international standards of quality. From design to deployment, we do it all. Our list of architecture services includes but is not limited to:

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One of our top architectural services in Islamabad includes architectural drawings. These form the basis of the project and hold primary importance in architecture. These drawings further include the following:

  • site plan
  • floor plan
  • elevations
  • foundation plans
  • submission drawings

In our architectural drawing services in Pakistan, site plans show the existing condition of the site based on condition and typography. Our services also include floor plans that describe the measurements and location of each room, stairs, walls, doors, fixtures and windows, etc.

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As part of our architectural services, we offer the best structural drawings that act as the backbone in determining structural integrity. Our structural drawings include but are not limited to

  • Foundations, raft, piles
  • Concrete columns and beams
  • Concrete slabs and retaining walls

Houses are meant to last for decades. Based on this, we design every aspect of the structure to ensure maximum balance among load bearing components of the structure. For this, we study every detail of the geolocation and soil conditions to set up robust foundations, and utilize concrete columns and beams to create strength.

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Electricity is a basic necessity and every electrical component in the house has a reason to be there. Our electrical plans services in Pakistan allow us to compliment the house design with sophisticated electrical planning.

Yes, our architectural services plans include the location and placement of main distribution board, outlets, ceiling fans, air-conditioners, security systems, UPS, backup supplies and even solar panels as well. This also includes lighting plans to ensure proper implementation of lighting design. In short, the electrical plans include the following services:

  • Electrical supply plans
  • Electrical connections and wiring plans
  • Lighting plans
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Proper plumbing for buildings is vital as leakages can create massive problems and drive up maintenance costs. At Amer Adnan Associations, our plumbing drawings include the following services but are not limited to these:

  • Bath and kitchen fixtures
  • Water supply and drainage
  • Placements, measurements of water tanks, septic tanks, main holes and sump

In our plumbing drawings, we ensure the most long-lasting plumbing plans in relation to other structures of the space. Keeping in mind various factors such as water drainage and supply, we strive to eliminate every possibility of leakages on long-term basis. Our bathroom and kitchen fixtures are designed keeping in mind the overall design of the house so the aesthetics are not compromised. Architectural services is one of the most important in developing a great home because architectural design services have all important things you need.

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We are experts in life-safety drawings and the implementation of latest tech to design and build smart spaces.

We are experienced in designing plans and setting up life-safety systems for commercial and residential projects as well. Our life-safety drawings include:

  • Fire alarm and smoke detector layout
  • Fire alarm control panel
  • Exit route planning
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3D visuals take the entire design to a whole new level. With our 3D visualization service in Pakistan, we show every bit and piece of the design in a realistic rendering. The quality of the 3Ds is pixel-perfect and show exactly how the end product should look like in reality.

Our 3D visualization services include 3D exterior renderings, floor plans, elevations and virtual walkthroughs. Our 3D visuals are a realistic depiction of the materials used, measurements and location of every object in the design. Our 3D visualization services include but are not limited to:

  • 3D exterior renderings
  • 3D interior renderings
  • 3D animations and walkthroughs

In our plumbing drawings, we ensure the most long-lasting plumbing plans in relation to other structures of the space. Keeping in mind various factors such as water drainage and supply, we strive to eliminate every possibility of leakages on long-term basis. Our bathroom and kitchen fixtures are designed keeping in mind the overall architectural services design of the house so the aesthetics are not compromised.


Architectural designing services is a lengthy and intricate process that is spread over a number of steps. Each step has its own requirements and failing to meet them can affect the end result. Over the past two decades, we have developed a highly effective and efficient process that ensures perfection at every step.

We take every step as a complete project and pay attention to detail so that we can actually turn dream houses in reality. A brief overview of our architecture design process is as follows:

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This is the first meeting and the first step of the journey. In this meeting, we discuss your project, the pricing and everything that needs to be discussed in the initial phase. The initial meeting is always free of cost and we like to host it at our premises. We also provide house interior design services, Interior design in Islamabad and Interior designers in Lahore.

The initial meeting is set up after the first call and our core team including the chief architect are a part of the meeting to make it as fruitful as possible.

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After initial discussion, the next step is the formation of a BOQ based on all the requirements and scope of services discussed in the initial meeting.

After finalizing the budgeting and finances, we move towards the formal signing of the contract. Once signed, we start the process to turn your dream house into reality.

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Site analysis is one of the most crucial steps for the actual design process. It forms the basis of the decisions that are to be made regarding the design. A typical site analysis includes studying the geography, typography, climate, neighborhood, soil, social, cultural and legal aspects of the location.

These studies and analysis are vital to decide the materials, form, shape of the design including the direction of the windows, doors, ventilation, etc. Our site analysis team thoroughly analyzes the site and studies all these features.

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Amer Adnan Associateswas conceived with a vision to take client ideas, refine them and then develop the design based on these. We show clients various reference images, share our suggestions that are more suitable based on the look they want along with the practical aspect.

We also use mood boards to understand client requirements better and develop a design that can satisfy both their aesthetic and functional requirements.

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In this phase, we develop detailed drawings of plans for all the floors, elevations, and other related drawings. These layouts are based on different meetings that happen with the clients.

We make sure that our clients are involved in every step of the design and development phase. This lets us be more specific to our clients’ changing needs and requirements. Our designs from floor plans to elevations are perfect to the minutest detail. The 3Ds of the elevations, and other related aspects are also designed in this phase.

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This is a step forward towards development of the plans. In this phase the structural drawings are made. Moreover, intricate electrical, plumbing and life-safety drawings are also developed at this stage.

Our teams work collectively to plan every minute detail of these plans with constant feedback from the client to make them as perfect as possible. Having studied the bylaws of the area where the site is located, our architects in Pakistan also design the submission drawings for approval.

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Amer Adnan Associates was founded in Lahore. Our head office in Lahore provides architectural design services in Lahore, and nearby cities and we also provide interior designer services in Lahore and nearby cities. Our architects in Lahore are well versed in the latest and the most modern architectural trends and practices. With years of experience designing a broad variety of residential and commercial projects, we know exactly how to turn your dream house into reality.

We design spaces in classical, neo-classical, modern, contemporary, Spanish and all other styles. If you are looking to get architecture services in Lahore, Amer Adnan Associates is surely the best architectural design firm in Lahore. We have completed many projects throughout the city with most of them in DHA, Bahria Town, Lake City and other prominent localities in Lahore.

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We have a regional office to provide architectural services in Islamabad and we  also provide interior designer in Islamabad. Our team of architects in Islamabad consists of some of the most skilled architects in the region. The geolocation of the city presents its own unique challenges such as the typography, the underground water levels, etc. Our team has experience dealing with all such challenges and provides the most innovative solutions for the most difficult problems.

We have completed all kinds of projects in Islamabad ranging from smart homes, luxury houses, elegant farmhouses, tech-oriented office spaces and modern commercial spaces. Our architectural design services in Islamabad are available throughout the city. For your architectural services in Islamabad, you can rely on the best architecture design firm in Pakistan.

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Rawalpindi is adjacent to Islamabad making twin cities a beautiful blend of modern and classical architecture. Rawalpindi is also a hub of new residential societies like Naval anchorage, DHA, Bahria Town, etc. Amer Adnan Associates is the top architecture firm in Rawalpindi contributing to the development of the city with our architectural services in Rawalpindi.

We offer our service in all the regions especially residential societies as mentioned above. We have experience designing luxury homes and modern commercial spaces in the many localities of Rawalpindi. For the best architectural design services in Rawalpindi, you can contact Amer Adnan Associates. We also provide Home construction services.

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Amer Adnan Associates has done a number of residential projects in Sialkot. Our architects in Sialkot are experienced in the field and follow all the modern techniques to achieve the best results for you.

If you are looking to get architectural services in Sialkot, then Amer Adnan Associates is the best firm in the city.

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Faisalabad is one of the biggest and most developing cities in Pakistan. There are now many housing societies being developed in Faisalabad. Amer Adnan Associates is offering architectural design services in Faisalabad.

We have completed many residential and commercial projects in Faisalabad over the years. For your residential or commercial architectural needs, Amer Adnan Associates can provide you with the best services.



Amer Adnan Associates is a full-service architecture design company in Pakistan offering top-of-the-line services. There are many things that set us apart from the competition and here we are discussing some of the top features that makes us the best architecture firm in Pakistan.

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We have been in the business for 20 years and during this time, we have designed hundreds of commercial and residential projects. Completing so many projects has made us the veterans of the field with vast experience of working in all regions of the country.

The most crucial thing in architecture design is site analysis and then basing your design on your analysis. We are the experts when it comes to studying a site and planning the architecture of the houses based on the characteristics of the site. Our experience in the field has helped us win the satisfaction of many happy clients.

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While many firms impose their ideas on clients, Amer Adnan Associates was conceived with a vision to turn the dream houses of our clients into reality.

Our services are client-oriented and our entire team follows this mantra. We take our client’s idea of a dream home and then nurture it with our skills and experience until it becomes a clear depiction of what our client wants.

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We take pride in the exceptional quality that we offer to our clients. We go above and beyond in providing our clients with the best services. The quality of our work has always been so exceptional that our clients become our brand advocates.

We also believe that houses are meant to last for decades. Keeping this factor in mind, we ensure that the utility and the design of the house remains relevant for a long time.

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We believe that trust is the most vital factor in establishing relationships with our clients and trust can only be developed if everything is kept transparent. We make sure that our customers are at the top of the decision making throughout the architectural design process.

This transparency allows our clients to actually see how everything is being done and how their money is being spent. By doing this, we develop trust of the ultimate level with our clients.

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We develop high quality 3D renderings, animations and virtual walkthroughs. We use the latest technology as well as the techniques to create pixel perfect and ultra-realistic renderings focusing even on the minutest details of the design.

Moreover, we offer unlimited revisions to finalize everything in the design phase so that the end product is exactly how the client has envisioned.


If you are looking to start a project and need architecture design services, please contact us to set up a meeting. We would love to discuss your project in a meeting at our office over a cup of tea or coffee.

Fill this up and we will get back to you as soon as possible.