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Hiring interior designing services to build a home or office space that not only looks good but also fulfills all the needs of the inhabitants has become essential. By hiring professional help, you not only have a better-designed space but you can also reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary expenses. All in all, you can create a better living experience for yourself with a properly designed interior space.


Amer Adnan Associates is an architectural service provider, interior design, and construction company in Pakistan with services available nationwide. Being the best interior design company in Pakistan, we create wellness spaces that are well thought-out and designed for the specific requirements, use, and preference of our clients. We have multiple interior designers in Lahore, Islamabad and different areas of Pakistan.

In addition to our unique style that balances functionality with aesthetics, we take pride in turning the dreams of our clients into reality. Since our foundation in 2002, Amer Adnan Associates has completed a number of commercial and residential interior design projects including chic cafes, restaurants, tech-oriented offices, and luxury homes. We also provide architectural services in Lahore and Islamabad.

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At Amer Adnan Associates, we offer a wide range of interior designing services to help our clients create a space that defines them. Whether it is a residential project or a commercial building, we do it and have done it all. Our list of interior design services includes but is not limited to the following:

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3D rendering is one of the primary interior designing services that we offer. By using the latest technology, we develop high-resolution 3D renders to show you the perfect representation of your dreams. The renders we develop show pixel-perfect details of the materials used. Our interior designing services in Pakistan are well-versed in modern tools and techniques. With our 3D rendering services, you can see expected finished results and make informed decisions before the process enters the finishing phase.

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Being a client-oriented interior designing services firm in Pakistan, we take it to the next level with our 3D virtual walkthroughs. We use cutting-edge virtual reality technologies to create realistic home interior walkthroughs that take you through a detailed visualization of the interior. You can determine the floor planning, and material details and generally get the experience of walking through the designed space.

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Space planning is vital because an improperly planned space not only disrupts the functionality but can also impact the aesthetic appeal. Our interior designers in Pakistan carefully craft the boundaries of every room according to your taste and needs.

Whether you need an open space plan or a multifunctional area, we make sure that the space is planned to provide you utmost comfort.

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Light plays a critical role in our lives as it directly impacts our lifestyle, mood, productivity, health, and atmosphere. Our interior design experts in Pakistan understand the importance of lighting in our lives and carefully design the layout for lighting fixtures. Our lighting design is tailored according to your requirements with a healthy blend of natural and artificial lights. Along with the functional aspect, we also ensure that the aesthetic impact of lights is maintained by using various types of sconces, ceiling lights, lamps, and chandeliers.



Interior design is a complex process that involves many detailed steps from initiation to completion. We ensure execution at each step with utmost proficiency, providing the best interior designing services. From understanding the client’s needs, making concepts and designs to actual execution, we take responsibility of everything to deliver the best services. We also have regional office in Islamabad and we have expert team of Interior designers and architects in Islamabad. A brief of the general process that we follow is as under.

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The process starts with the first meeting that happens between the client and team Amer Adnan Associates. At this step we get to know each other, show our portfolio and try to understand the requirements of the client. The initial meeting is always free of cost and we love to host our prospects at one of our offices. The purpose of this meeting is to get the necessary information from the client to start the process formally. So we can provide perfect interior designing services and meet all of your deadlines.

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Based on the information provided by the client in the initial meeting, we make the feasibility reports, and the budget that will be required for the project and prepare the BOQ for the client.

Once the budgeting is done, a formal contract is sent to the client for signing. The signed contract is the green signal for the next steps to be followed.

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This is the stage in our interior designing services where we go to the details of the project by understanding the client better with the help of reference images.

This is also the preliminary design stage where we create mood boards for the client and develop a concept that best suits their taste and requirements.

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At Amer Adnan Associates, we have put our years of experience into making a preferred vendor list from where you can choose the materials.

Our interior designers in Islamabad and Lahore will help you choose the materials that are best suited to your design concept. We use the material you select in our 3D designs to give you an ultra-realistic view of the space.

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This is the most interesting stage where most of the magic happens. This most important step in our interior designing services. We develop detailed floorplans, 3D designs, and working drawings. The 3D renderings show even the most intricate details in the design from colors, layouts, lighting, and furniture arrangement to woodwork, motifs, ceilings, and floors.

These designs are a complete visualization of how the end product should look like. Our interior decorators in Pakistan always make sure that the designs are right according to discussions and requirements put by the clients. We have very famous for our House Interior Design Services.

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Once the interior design is finalized and the client gives approval for execution, our designers and site supervisors work together to bring the design to reality.

We go the extra mile to ensure that the end product is exactly the same as what was shown in the design. The execution process is surely time taking but we always strive to be on schedule.


Amer Adnan Associates is a complete solutions provider in the realm of interior design services with the ability to deliver the most high-end work. There are many aspects of our service which sets us apart. A few of the top distinguishing features of Amer Adnan Associates are as follows:

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Amer Adnan Associates has been in the business for more than two decades. During this tenure we have completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects. We have a long list of happy clients who are fully satisfied with our services. We are also expert in Home construction services.

With our industry experience, we can take on any challenge in the process. This has also enabled us to excel through the Covid-19 pandemic and complete all the projects in a timely manner despite the disruptions in supply chain.

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We follow a client-centric philosophy and put our clients at the forefront of the decision-making process.

We take our client’s idea and improve it to perfection so they can see their dream home become a reality

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The quality of our work is exceptional as we always strive to deliver clients with the best. The quality of our interior designing services has earned us the reputation of being the best interior design firm.

The fact that our clients become our brand advocates and wholeheartedly recommend our services to others is proof of our dedication to creating remarkable experiences.

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Transparency is at the core of our values. We make everything transparent to the clients so that they are aware of everything happening in the project.

From sourcing the materials to the final touch-ups, we keep our clients informed about the operations at every stage. We keep everything crystal clear for the clients to regard the trust they put in us.

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We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and design principles to create high-resolution, realistic images that portray every detail in pixel-perfect quality so that our clients can envision the final product and make the right decision based on close-to-reality renders.

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