A poorly planned bathroom can impact the way you feel about your home. If you plan to refurbish your home, it is imperative to get the bathroom right from the very start. Since bathrooms should be the most functional rooms in the home, you should wisely invest in your bathroom upgrades to get the best value for money. Here’s a list of designer upgrades for your bathroom from which you can incorporate functional yet beautiful features.

Add Some Colors

Generally, neutral shades are considered the popular pick for the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean that colors are off-limit. Practically speaking, paint is the most affordable and simplest way to add a large splash of color to your space. Best interior designers in Pakistan recommend that you should choose your favorite shade first, then construct the room’s color scheme around it. Another idea is to go for colorful tiles. Gone are the days when saturated tiles were the norm. For modern bathrooms, you can now choose colorful tiles to draw attention to the centerpiece. Furthermore, you can also add a shaded tub to give a more in vogue touch.

Light Up Your Bathroom

Usually, lights in the bathroom are given low priority compared to lights in other rooms of the house. But as modern bathrooms have become larger and elaborate, proper lighting is essential to make the best out of this space. To start with, you should light the vanity area with attractive bathroom task lighting. It can be a vanity fixture above the mirror or sconces on either side. Considering undercabinet strip lights is also a good idea for bathroom vanities. It adds function and beauty—especially at night. If a chandelier is your thing, then make sure to hang it over the tub centered in the ceiling.

Focus on the Flooring

Don’t go for the standard tile if you don’t like it because replacing it down the road would not only be expensive but time-consuming too. The same principles should be strictly followed for flooring; choose long-lasting materials that seem attractive to you. Coming back to tiles, bathroom tiles are available in a countless number of materials; ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, you name it. But generally, these are amongst the most practical options. Vinyl can be your choice since it has all the essential features—durability, low cost, and practicality. Also vinyl has an aesthetic appeal and is easy to install. You can also install ceramic or porcelain tiles if you have a penchant for colorful penny tiles or wood look-a-like material.

Clever Storage Solution

Since you cannot have too much storage space in your bathroom, it is challenging to build it during the design process before the walls go up. If you want to have a built-in niche for shampoos and soaps, opt for the tallest container so that it can accommodate all your products. Small bathrooms can get messy at times because of little counter space. To manage that, installing shelves is an excellent idea. They will not only add much-needed space but will also help to cut down on clutter. To accommodate extra supplies like cotton swabs or toilet papers, floating shelves can be installed too. Need another idea? Try shower storage! These are easy to install and allow enough storage to place conditioners, face and body wash.

Choosing the right remodeling means that you will be loving your bathroom for years to come. All you need for such attractive upgrades for your bathroom is careful planning in order to make it more functional and alluring.