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How To Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxurious?

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2 years ago

The bathroom is among the essentials of a house that helps us get ready to kick the day off. When it comes to design, bathrooms must not be neglected. Architects in Lahore make sure that the bathroom is aesthetically pleasing and serves as a serene place for the inhabitants. We often look at the designer and celebrity houses in the magazines and wish we could have a similarly luxurious bathroom. Transforming your bathroom into an attractive and blissful escape is not difficult if you know the secret tips and tricks. If you are getting your house remodeled or constructing a new one, you should check out the following ideas for creating a luxurious bathroom.

The Bathtub Is A Must-have


When you think of a luxury bathroom, the first thing that comes to your mind is a bathtub, white, made of marble where you can have a nice warm bath. Well, this is what interior designers in Pakistan are now recommending to turn your bathroom into a luxurious one. There are different types of bathtubs available in the market. The primary color is white, which goes well with several styles. However, if your design requires a colored bathtub, you can go for it too. Bathtubs make the whole bathroom experience way better, but it does not mean that you cannot have a shower with them. If your space allows, adding a Jacuzzi-infused bathtub is the ultimate luxurious experience you can have in your bathroom. You can keep scented candles, some flowers in a tray on the bank of your bathtub to have a home-spa experience. You can also use a bathtub in the same texture and material as the adjacent wall to give it a subtle elegance.

Focus On The Lighting


Lighting is vital in deciding how your place looks. It not only highlights the features of various elements, but if your bathroom is a bit small, good lighting can help make it look spacious. We are talking about creating a luxurious bathroom here, so lighting becomes even more essential. If your bathroom is big enough, use a sleek chandelier for minimalistic styles and a vintage chandelier if your theme is classical. Yes, we sure are telling you to hang a chandelier but not as big as the one hanging in your living room. Interior decorators in Lahore love using bubble chandeliers as they go with every style. You can also use strip lights if hanging a chandelier is not an option. Try using these LED strips on the edges of your vanity mirror or along with the ceiling in parallel lines for a refined appearance.

Use Lavish Tiles And Sanitary


Tiles have been in use since the ancient Mesopotamian civilization to create a luxurious setting. According to some archeologists, the first use of ceramic tiles dates back to 4000 BC in Egypt. Today, tiles are available in many materials and even more designs. For luxury home designs in Pakistan, designers either use floor tiles diagonally or ceiling to floor tiles in various colors and patterns. Consider using light-colored tiles with neutral ones to create an accent that pops and adds character to the design. Glossy tiles go well on the walls, and matte ones are good for the floor. This contrast will create a glamorous look. For sanitary ware, there are tons of different styles available which can take your bathroom design to the next level. Install a wall-mounted WC for a sophisticated look and ease in cleaning. Also, install dual sinks or a large sink with sleek fixtures. If your sanitary equipment alone is not of adequate quality, your whole bathroom look can go dull.

Choose Classy Colors


Bathrooms are also a serene escape where you can relax and enjoy while taking a shower, so your color choice matters. It depends upon a person to choose the colors he would love to see whenever he goes to the bathroom. According to interior designers in Pakistan, for an elegant look, white and grey are the best options as they add luxury to the entire design. If you are going for a spa-inspired oasis, try using different shades of green. If you love a beach look, try painting your walls and ceiling in shades of sky blue and have sandy brown tiles or marble for the floor. For bathroom fixtures, use metallic or gold color, especially with white sanitary ware for a look of opulence.

Pick A Stylish Vanity


Having a vanity in your bathroom adds functionality to your space. Always choose a vanity that goes with your theme. The most common types used in modern home designs in Pakistan are the ones that have a classical appearance. While marble ones are still at the pinnacle of designs, wooden ones are most commonly used as they are comparatively cheaper, easier to handle, and attractive. While choosing a vanity, make sure that it has a beautiful mirror, or you can also get a separate mirror that goes well with it. It is highly recommended to have a taller mirror as it reflects light well and makes everything look bigger. A vanity with adequate storage can help you remove clutter from your bathroom and store your towels and toiletries.

Having a luxury bathroom is not difficult if you have a clear understanding of what you want. All you have to do is to add extravagant elements and in accordance with the tips that we have given above.

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