The kitchen in 2022 and beyond will have quite a different look from the designs of the pre-pandemic era. We cannot deny the fact that the pandemic has influenced every aspect of our lives and the design of our kitchen is also one of them. This is primarily because the quarantine has allowed us to rediscover the importance of family time and the significance of cooking and eating together. As people are now appreciating the time together and relishing their spaces, the kitchen design has evolved to better suit the needs of the people. If you are planning to construct a new house or renovate your kitchen, we have collected some of the most anticipated trends for kitchen design in 2022 suggested by architects and interior designers in Pakistan that you should look into.

Sleek Surfaces And Lighting


Since we have had so much on our plate for a long time, the trends for 2022 and beyond will see a modern, clean look. Minimalism will also take over most of the kitchen designs thus emphasizing the need to have sleek surfaces and lighting. You can use open shelves or a solo ceiling-to-floor shelf where you can display all the things that you want and can. This is advantageous when you have a small kitchen space. The lighting is a crucial element of design in any space and the kitchen is no exception. Interior decorators in Pakistan love the idea of adding a large window to connect the kitchen with the outer area and allow natural light to come in. Similarly, the lighting needs to be simple and elegant. You can use linear lights hanging from the ceiling as it offers consistent lighting thus making it quite functional with a breathtaking look. Do not confuse minimal, sleek lighting with dim lighting. It means that your lighting hardware needs to have a minimalistic and simple appearance that adds to the elegance of the kitchen.

Islands In Various Designs


The post-pandemic world has become close-knitted with family ties becoming stronger and eating together becoming much more common. While dining rooms are specially designated for eating, the line between separate cooking and eating spaces is diminishing. Interior designers in lahore Pakistan are now recommending getting an island in the kitchen as part of family spending time together especially during the morning rush. There are various kinds of islands that can fulfill the design needs of your kitchen. For a modern look, slim islands with slim and elegant stools that can be stored within the island are a perfect fit. The material for the island can be anything, wood, marble, stone, however, for a luxurious vibe, nothing is better than a marble top. You can make a statement with your island by having LED lights along its edges or a bold countertop color for it. There are hundreds of design options for islands but you need to get the one that looks the best with your kitchen.

Mixing Materials And Colors


Interior designers in Lahore are anticipating that the art of mixing the materials and colors in the kitchen will take a few bold turns in the future. The use of natural materials like stone, bricks, concrete

marble, cement, and wood will take the lead. These materials add a subtle charm to the space. You can also combine contrasting elements to create a striking effect that captures the gaze instantly. The color palette will also consist of a variety of colors mixed in different ways. Leaving the old greys and whites behind, kitchens are more likely to have serene colors like green and blue hues. The use of bold colors to create a pop will also be on the trending list. The contrast in colors of various elements is also expected to be a thing of interest in the coming time.

The Right Hardware


The hardware plays an important part in establishing the look of the space. Interior decorators in Islamabad are always very keen to make use of the hardware to add extra style to the place. You can arrange your open shelves on both sides of your washbasin that have a gooseneck faucet making your kitchen look luxurious. Utilizing artisan-made lighting and plumbing hardware can give your kitchen an entirely wholesome look. The kitchen design of the future will try to make a bold statement with kitchen hardware.

Using What You Have


2022 is not about following a specific style but the trend is moving towards adopting what makes you feel the best. The trends for the post-pandemic world are more personalized and personal choices over an over-used style. Anticipating that spaces will become more customized, interior designers give customers the freedom to utilize their available resources and make something that defines them. It’s all about resourcefulness especially if you are renovating your space on a shoestring budget. You can work on the paints or you can replace the hardware which is not a big deal when it comes to effort and money but makes a huge impact on the appeal of your kitchen. If you cannot have an island in the middle, you can go for a simple, classical table that can be used as an island. Hang pictures of your family, maybe add some flowers, add decoration pieces of your choice because ultimately, it is all about creating a kitchen that you can adore while working in it.