When getting a house built, we want every single detail to be picture-perfect.  Along with the perfect outlook, we also desire a house that is both comfortable and durable. From the rooftop to the smallest tile on the driveway, every aspect of building a new house requires meticulous planning. With the large variety of options available for modern house designs in Pakistan now, it has actually become quite a challenge to choose which design would work best as our own home. Tiles are one of the key design elements that can significantly alter a room’s ambiance.

There are several kinds of stones and tiles being used as the material for flooring, stairs, and countertops. Being one hundred percent natural and in most cases locally-sourced, marble tiles are commonly used in construction in Pakistan for flooring and countertops. Other tile material options available in stores include granite rock tiles and vitrified ceramic tiles.


With an eye on the entire construction and interior design budget, homeowners should consider tile material that elevates the house’s decor without breaking the bank. When it comes to marble tiles, the cost will vary depending on the marble tiles’ polish, the origin as well as the thickness of each individual tile. As design material, marble is a porous, soft rock that can easily be cut with precision into all sorts of shapes and sizes- especially uneven or angular shapes. This aspect works well when builders install complex marble-topped, curving staircases. However, for the same reasons, the sole use of marble tiles in heavy-traffic areas such as the courtyard or foyer is discouraged as it can easily chip off.

Homeowners looking for a wide-range of colors and designs will be delighted with the options available in marble tiles. Not only is marble an attractive option for use around your home, it is extremely durable and can last up to twenty-five years. If you are able to find a good quality marble, there is nothing that will look as elegant – be it for use as a kitchen countertop or as flooring throughout your home. The risk with opting for the less expensive marble tiles is that the tile patterns maybe erratic and irregular.


Granite originates from igneous rocks that, in turn, result from cooled-down magma. Granite tiles are most often found in gardens as accent tiles, in living rooms as the fireplace, in bathrooms as the vanity top or in kitchens as the backsplash. This stone-based tile is both waterproof and stain-proof; quite a contrast to the marble tiles discussed earlier!

As tile material, granite is denser and stronger than marble. This also means it is harder to cut granite into a customized size and shape. What granite provides as far as durability, it lacks when it comes to colors and designs. When opting for granite tiles during the design phase, remember that its extreme durability means it can probably last a lifetime. It is also a low-maintenance surface that requires the bare minimum to look it’s very best.


When putting together a list of tile materials, one of the first things that interior decorators in Pakistan consider is the overall cost of materials. A solid, cost-effective alternative to granite and marble tiles is to use vitrified ceramic tiles in your future design and construction projects. Vitrified ceramic tiles are man-made and produced by hydraulic pressure  that is directed onto a special mixture of clay, quartz, feldspar, and silica. These are the most commonly used floorings in houses nowadays. Vitrified ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs for homeowners to choose from. The tiles vary in prices but generally cost much less than granite or marble tiles. For people keen on making their house stand out while sticking to a singular design theme, vitrified tiles are the ideal choice. They are easy to install while projecting elegance wherever they are used. A word of caution, however, regarding the durability of vitrified ceramic tiles, once scratched, these tiles cannot be fixed and must be completely replaced. A major benefit of using these tiles is that one can procure hundreds of tiles with the exact same pattern on a moment’s notice. Marble and granite, being natural stones, are bound to vary and are harder to replace with identical tiles. Vitrified ceramic tiles are considerably easier to keep clean and changes in the climate do not alter their appearance. 

If you are willing to spend time on maintenance in return for the graceful, long-lasting beauty of a natural stone, then consider investing in marble or granite tiles. If you plan on having a house that is exclusive yet low-maintenance, then vitrified tiles are the best option for you!