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Make it Flow: Optimal Furniture Placement Ideas

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3 years ago

Are you waiting to fall in love with your home again? There are times when even the most immaculately-designed spaces feel dull and uninspiring. That is when homeowners can gain the benefits of a full-scale home renovation without spending even one-third of the cash. How so, you ask? By first consulting an experienced interior designer in Pakistan, and then purposefully rearranging furniture around the home. Furniture placement, depending on who you ask, is either an art or an exact science. Whichever category it falls into, there are definite benefits for all who enter the newly transformed space.

Is the House Half-Empty or Half-Full?


If you have decided to change things up furniture-wise, you must first determine how much space is actually available in the house. In case your residence has spacious rooms, the saying ‘less is more’ certainly applies. Huge rooms, such as family halls and bedroom suites, can easily be filled with large-scale furniture items like poster beds, chest of drawers, china cabinets, console tables, and even a grand piano! If the rooms are on the smaller side, with little floor space, it is important to scale-down the key furniture pieces. Whatever the room size, the focus should be on movement.

● Assess the size of the room to determine the ideal furniture placement.
● Ensure the floor space is free of overlapping rugs, worn-out carpet pieces, or crisscrossing wires. These are all unsightly as well as safety hazards.
● If nothing else, space out the furniture equidistantly.
● Replace outdated or heavily-damaged furniture pieces, such as mismatched dining room chairs or heavily-scuffed coffee tables.

The Secret to Happier Employees: Comfortable Office Furniture


For most individuals, the office is like their second home. However, if you feel your motivation or productivity is on the decline, the layout may be to blame.

❏ Are you a worker-bee? Try rearranging what’s on your work desk. Decorate your workspace with new items that shouldn’t take too much space, replace old photos with newer ones, and surround the cubicle motivational posts.
❏ As an employer, you could take part in a weekend project to try and rearrange the office furniture. Give employees the option of changing their workspace and sitting with someone new. If the office previously felt cluttered or empty, add in or reduce furniture accordingly.
❏ Ensure that crossing between desks shouldn’t inconvenience or lead to physical contact between employees, as this is uncomfortable for both parties.
❏ Creating open and easy to cross spaces leads to employees who will easily go to each other’s desks instead of having them watch their step. This is also a good time to invest in ergonomic furniture for the entire staff.
❏ Sit in the chairs your employees use in order to determine their actual comfort-level. If it’s uncomfortable for you to sit in, it’s likely to be the same for them as well. Furniture is a good long-term expense but will significantly bolster productivity and motivation in the workplace.
❏ If you have a break room or a recreational room in the office, add some bean bags, a dartboard or other features to help employees relax. It would be worth considering adding professional, yet fun wall decorations. This could look like hanging framed photographs from a recent company trip, or even a set of motivational posters.

Be Sure to Dine in Style


When catering to foodies, the overall interior design must reflect the feeling your eatery evokes in your customers. The restaurant’s theme should be reflected via your seating layout. If you are serving fast food, you need to have booths as well as tables or chairs. If you are offering a fine dining experience, booths are out of the question. Furniture placement in eateries is completely reliant on the restaurant’s own theme and style. However, there are still cardinal rules of eateries that one should follow:

● Evenly spaced out furniture so an individual customer’s movement shouldn’t inconvenience others.
● Seating shouldn’t make conversations difficult, especially those taking place face-to-face.
● Tables or countertop surfaces should be large enough to fit everyone’s orders.

Ask a good interior decorator in Pakistan to implement the basics of balanced furniture placement into your home or office.