With the advancement in technology, architectural and interior design concepts, the trends for construction in Lahore have also evolved. Lahore is a metropolitan of architectural and interior beauty where one side of the city boasts of its ancient Mughal buildings while the new societies exhibit modern design. The latest home construction in Lahore follows prevalent trends essential for a house to ensure maximum satisfaction for its inhabitants. We will briefly go through each component of construction and will also talk about the popular choices of homeowners and design experts.

Trending Indoor Layouts


The interior layout, also called the floor plan, is the first and the foremost step in the construction process. The interior of a house needs to be aesthetically appealing and functionally appropriate. The indoor plan is the foundation of a house that describes the size, location, and shape of the rooms. It also shows the location of doors, windows, and other such elements. These floor plans are prepared to keep in mind the aesthetics and functionality of the house. For this purpose, companies providing architectural services in Lahore offer 2D and 3D floor plans. The 2D floor plans are diagrams from the top view which show rooms, windows, doors along with their measurements. Comparatively, 3D floor plans are detailed virtual models with a bird’s-eye view of the house. However, software-based 3D plans also allow a 360-degree view of the entire floor plan.

One of the emerging trends for home construction in Lahore is including a basement in the interior layout. It is deemed a must-have for modern homes in Lahore. These basements are utilized as game rooms, movie theatres, and accommodation for guests as well. Similarly, the Covid-19 pandemic has also prompted another trend to create study rooms that can be used as work-from-home spaces in case of a lockdown.

Preferred Materials For Construction In Lahore


The second step is to choose the construction materials that you want to use. By construction materials, we are referring to all the materials that are used in the building process. There are different types of materials that are employed in various aspects of construction, such as grey structure, décor, electricity systems, pipelines, etc. For structural construction, bricks, iron, steel, glass, plastic, and such materials are widely utilized because they ensure structural integrity. The recommended practice is to use more than just an adequate quantity of iron girders so that the structure can be as sturdy as possible. For the interior part, marbles, tiles, vinyl, and wood are used. All of these materials are available in a number of qualities, so make sure to use high-quality ones. For instance laminate wood is cheaper, lighter, and less likely to bear weight as compared to other more organic qualities of wood.

Outdoor Designs


The outdoor area of the house needs to be according to the latest trends of construction in Lahore. Nowadays, there are a number of architectural trends that are in practice. These trends include the modern, minimalist, colonial, and Victorian styles. Outdoor layouts include designing a terrace, porch, patio, and exterior wall designs. Most of this is related to aesthetics, and very little functionality is considered while constructing the façade. One of the emerging trends includes adding a terrace garden to sit and relax. Likewise, a porch to spend the evening in summer is also prevalent, and you may need to prepare it for the summer. The swimming pool is a must-have element for luxury home designs in Pakistan. No matter the era, nature has always been the core of all the outdoor design trends and setting up your personalized garden is no exception. The live wall is also on the list of many homeowners who are building their abodes in posh areas of Lahore. The live wall means a side of the façade completely covered with greenery, especially vines.

Sustainable Construction In Lahore


Houses and buildings have a significant part in the total GHG emissions every year. We all care about our homes, so it only makes sense to protect our home planet because we may not be getting another. Architectural and interior designs have adopted sustainable practices, and these can be seen as a rising trend for house construction in Lahore. The concept of smart homes is prevailing in Pakistan, especially Lahore and Islamabad. These houses are constructed using sustainable materials, fly ash brick which is more sustainable and durable than the regular red brick. Likewise, using insulation materials in the walls is also a trend that has been in the field for quite some time now. Utilizing eco-friendly glass in large windows is a great way to maximize energy efficiency as it allows maximum insulation and ample sunlight into the house during the day. Every top-notch house construction company in Lahore is using lead-free paints as part of its sustainability effort. Homeowners are now more inclined towards using solar panels. Hence, the contractors are building roofs that can easily withstand the weight of these panels.

You don’t go building houses every other day. If you are going to build your home or a commercial building, make sure to choose the right company for your construction in Lahore. Keep a close interaction with your architect, construction supervisor, and interior designer to affirm that every part of your house is aesthetically customized and functionally personalized to your needs. Interior layouts, construction materials, outdoor designs, and sustainability are the foundation elements in modern construction practices. Even minor negligence can lead to grave problems in the future. Keep in mind the points we have discussed to have a better idea of constructing your building.