After the end of the gloomy and dark days of winter, finally, the time of bright days is coming. It is the season of warmth, so now is the time to decorate everything to give a cool vibe, let the natural light and breeze come in to freshen things up, and embrace sunny colours. So bring out your summer accessories and prepare your house to welcome summer with décor ideas from our interior decorators in Lahore. They will help you bring in the colour and feel of a pleasant summer look that you will cherish.

Bring in The Cool Colours


Painting your house in the summer hues is a great way to welcome the season. Also, summer is the perfect time if you want to get your house painted because it will dry quicker than at any other time of the year. Induce bright and cool colours in your furniture and other accessories to make everything look attractive and pleasant. Bring out the pop colour cushions for your sofas and cool colour bed sheets. You can store the heavy winter curtains and replace them with bright and light summer curtains, which will not only give a touch of colour and beauty to the whole room but will ensure maximum ventilation. Interior decorators in Pakistan suggest adding the colours wherever you see fit but keep in mind that you need to use summer colours such as shades of yellow, orange, red, green, etc.

Add a Summer Scent


Hot summer days demand a refreshing end, and one of the best ways you can make your evenings better is to bring the scents of summer. You can use an assortment of flowers in small pots to create a soothing ambiance and refreshing smell. The smell is one of the senses that can immediately trigger the brain to release certain hormones that will help you relax. Since flowers offer a limited strength and sorts of fragrances, you can use scented candles – an inexpensive and impressive addition to the whole decoration. You can also install automatic air fresheners if you don’t want candles. Using aesthetically refreshing scents like the ocean breeze, cucumber-melon, tropical sunset, and grapefruit-mint is recommended by top interior designers in Pakistan.

Decorate Your Windows


Windows play a significant role in summers as they let in the cool breeze and the extra daylight. Decorating windows is easy, and you don’t need a big budget for it. Pick out the light chiffon or organza window curtains from your storage and put them to use. If you don’t want to use the plain ones, you can also buy new curtains with floral or other patterns. You can also use succulents as they do not take a lot of space and look exotic. You can also place the scented candles we mentioned above in the window so the evening air can spread the fragrance to the entire space, and it will also look visually appealing. Another great idea used in modern house designs in Pakistan is to create a seating space in large windows, especially those with a view of the lawn. Make a comfortable and convenient space with a cozy mattress and fluffy pillows so you can enjoy the summer evenings.

Summer Fabric and Art


Summer is all about enjoying the bright days while combating the heat. Adding the right fabric is one way to do it. You need to replace your woolen bed sheets with cotton and linen fabric with beautiful patterns of flowers, butterflies, or in cool plain colours like blue, green, and their different shades. Do the same with the curtains as we told you above. Also, consider replacing your wall art with something that has sufficient colours to heighten the whole summer vibe. You can also put travel shots or family pictures on display. If you want to have an aesthetic summer experience indoors, try adding LED lights to create a colourful and calm atmosphere.

Prepare Your Porch For Outdoor Fun


Summer usually means plenty of time to go outside and have fun, especially during the summer vacations, but the current pandemic has forced everybody to stay inside. To make the most of the summer, interior decorators who create luxury home designs in Pakistan recommend resorting to a porch and turning it into a safe haven for most outdoor activities. Summer porch décor ideas include hanging wind chimes, setting up your herb garden, painting it in your favorite colours, and weather-proofing it so you can have a good time. It will allow you to engage in family gatherings, pool parties, and even personal time when you cannot go outside because of Covid-19.

Summer is a season of colours and festivities. Make your house summer-ready with our decoration tips, and have a wonderful summertime.