Cost of A Grade Construction

A grade construction has luxury finishes with premium quality fittings and fixtures. The cost to build A class gray structure starts from 1,650 Pak Rs. per square foot. Whereas, the finishing cost for A class construction is around 1,850 Pak Rs. per square foot. This makes the total cost of construction 3,500 Pak Rs. per square foot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: People often ask us how a professional architecture company is different from private contractors/builders?

2: How come a contractor is willing to the same job for less?

3: Last but not least: There isn’t much difference between A class construction and B class construction in terms of quality, so why would we spend more?

This is how we at AmerAdnan Associates respond:

A house or commercial edifice is your asset. You cannot build a new house every other day if you weren’t able to build it right in the first time. Construction is way complex than it may sound. You don’t just need a top architecture or construction company in Pakistan to build exquisite dwelling. You need them to take care of everything, be it buying materials, managing workforce, building as per design, cost controlling, quality management, setting project objectives and more.

In brief, you want ‘Peace of Mind’. So you could do what you are really good at, your job/business.

To ensure you get A grade construction, AAA have ‘Well-Defined Processes’ in place to measure, monitor and improve all activities.

Peace of Mind Triggers:

1: Transparent Procurement Process

2: Skilled Workforce

3: Technical Competence

4: Build as Per Design & Drawings

5: Professional Project Management Services

1: Transparent Procurement Process

. Direct Purchases

All the materials are directly purchased from Manufacturers to ensure transparent buying. For instance, cement is purchased from DG Khan, cable & wires from Pakistan Cables, and steel from Amreli.

. Scan Receipts

Scan copy of each receipt is emailed to the client. So he/she can be sure of:

. Quantity

. Price

. Quality

2: Skilled Workforce

Our skilled workforce gets all the challenging work done, be it constructing complex structures such as cantilevers, joineries or installing tiles and marbles.

The dedicated team makes sure you’ll get the best finish and high-quality construction. Something that’ll not only save you maintenance expense for a very long time but also give you peace of mind.



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3: Technical Competence

AAA don’t just thrive to build beautiful structures. We ensure your asset (building) is ‘Built to Last’.

. Damp Proof Course (DPC), a layer of waterproof material, is applied at the basement levels of the building to restrict the moisture movement through floors and walls.Construction15 Construction17

  • 1st Floor Washroom Insulation

Something often overlooked by private contractors and builders. Insulating 1st floor washroom floor is as important as insulating your base walls.


  • Joinery
    Frame and panel construction or joinery work is one of the difficult tasks to accomplish, if you are not technically sound.


  • Roof Pouring
    Pouring concrete and spreading it through the frame work requires certain skills, crafty hands and most of all constant monitoring to achieve same level across the roof. Because uneven roof level often leads to cracks and leaks.


  • PVC Pipe Installation
    Just swiping or pushing the pipes on the fittings wouldn’t ensure a strong fitting. You have to design a proper frame prior connecting the PVC pipes, so cold and hot water pipes can be detected without any hassle even after construction.


  • PVC Insulation
    To prevent leakages or seepages, AAA insulate PVC pipes with concrete.


To Be Continued…