A properly designed backyard in your house ensures you get to enjoy the outdoor space in all seasons and it brings you close to nature. From entertaining guests to hosting outdoor dinners and games for your family and friends, the backyard of your home has a lot to offer. To help you design the perfect outdoor space for your house, we have listed some top backyard landscaping ideas. Read through them, as they will inspire you to create a backyard that you’ll love to spend time in.

Design Around a Focal Point

One of the best backyard landscaping ideas that add interest and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space is to create the design around a focal point. A focal point can be anything that connects with your style philosophy and catches the eye. From something as lush as a vintage Mughal fountain to something as sleek as a colorful flower bed on the sidewalk, the options are endless. It depends on which particular feature you want to be in the spotlight. The main purpose of setting up a focal point is to ensure that when you start building a landscape design, it doesn’t look cluttered or disoriented. When working on backyard landscaping, another key element catered by the top architects in Pakistan is to ensure that the chosen focal point compliments the size of the backyard. For example, in a large backyard, you can surely have a tree or a water element as the focal point but with a small backyard, it would look cluttered.

Incorporate a Patio

When setting up the outdoor space of your house, building a comfortable area to sit and relax is inevitable. With changing architectural trends, people in Pakistan are now more interested in having spaces like patios and decks added to their backyards rather than open gardens. Architects in Lahore are choosing this backyard landscaping idea as it helps to enhance the functionality and style of the area. A patio is a paved courtyard, attached to the outer end of the house. It is usually an open-to-the-sky space, perfect for lounging, and hosting afternoon lunches and BBQ parties. You can always cover it up with a pergola on top, depending on your personal preference. Patios come in various sizes, and designs and can be constructed from a variety of materials, including wood, bricks, pavers iron wrought etc. Whether you have a large backyard or a small one, adding a patio is a backyard landscaping idea that can instantly glam up the space.

Add a Colourful Garden

Traditionally, houses in Pakistan have had native plants in the garden, decorated with beautiful seasonal flower beds. However, over the years, people are now more interested in exploring other garden styles from around the world, including Japanese Zen gardens, English cottage gardens, Mediterranean gardens, etc. While each of these gardens has its unique layout and selection of plants to be added, it depends on your personal preferences to choose the garden that you like. Other than just having gardens filled with blooming flowers, people are also using the backyard space to grow their own fruits and vegetable garden. From growing seasonal fruits to vegetables for everyday use, you can have it all in your backyard. Thus, when looking into backyard landscaping ideas, opting for a garden can bring multiple benefits. Great architectural design can also help you with backyard landscape.

Build a Fire Pit

If you’re looking to add a rustic vibe to your backyard, a fire pit is what you need. Although winters in most parts of the country are mild and short, people are still actively interested in adding fire pits to their outdoor spaces. Fire pits can be built in all shapes and sizes, depending on what suits your backyard. You can go super extravagant and build a majestic fire pit with stone walls and wooden planks or you can keep it minimalistic with a simple circular dug-in fire pit, burning some charcoal. Fire pit is a design element that syncs beautifully with all backyard sizes and styles. So go for this trending backyard landscaping idea, build in a cozy fire pit, and set the perfect winter mood outdoors.

Light It Up

Like any other space in your house, the lighting plan of the backyard cannot be ignored. It is an area that is to remain functional throughout the day and thus requires specific focus to be laid on choosing the right lighting. Top architects in Pakistan are of the view that when setting up the backyard, there should be at least three light sources to set the appropriate lighting zones outside. If your backyard has tall trees or a roofed patio, make sure that the first light source is the ceiling lights as these lights provide unified lighting and brighten up the whole space. The second light source should be placed closer to the floor to mark the areas and enhance visibility at night. For example, if your backyard has stepping stones and flower beds then placing motion detector LED lights will enhance the visibility of these elements. Lastly, the third lighting source could be decorative lights, to help create a relaxing outdoor environment.

Bring In a Water Element

The sound of water has calming attributes and when placed in a natural setting, a water element can do wonders for your backyard landscaping. Being surrounded by thick concrete structures, people now want to build spaces in their homes that help them connect back with nature and experience that peace. When designing the backyard, there are numerous ways to add in a water element, however, installing a traditional fountain has always been a top choice of clients in Pakistan. This is because a fountain provides a combination of both features i.e. sound and sight of water. Other than a fountain, ponds and outdoor pools are also popular water elements used in backyard landscaping. If you’re planning to build a space that helps you relax and feel closer to nature, add a water element to your design and enjoy the serenity in your own backyard.

Add a Glass Room

Another beautiful idea for backyard landscaping is to build a classy glass room and connect the indoors of the house with the outdoor space. Glass rooms or sunrooms are a common architectural feature of houses built in the northern region of the country. A glass room is an outdoor structure, typically built from glass, wood, and aluminum. The design has wooden/aluminum beams running around the large glass windows and the glass roof, enhancing its durability and providing more strength to the structure. These rooms are flooded with natural light across all seasons and are multipurpose as people use them as a dining room, lounge, open library, or even a home office. A glass room is a great way to expand living space and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of being inside the house.

The above-listed backyard landscaping ideas can help make the process of setting up your outdoor space much easier. A beautiful patio, flower beds, green hedges, and a majestic fountain would be the perfect combination to set up an alluring backyard. You can get in touch with us so we can help design the picture-perfect backyard for your house. To book an appointment, chat with us or call us at 042-35774353 / 0302-4666366