Pakistan has seen a gradual increase in the remote work trend since the start of the pandemic. A lot of people are still either working hybrid or working from home completely, thus accelerating the need for having a personalized home office space.  According to top interior designers in Lahore, the most important factor to consider is to have a dedicated workspace at home which is free from clutter. Having a messy desk makes it harder to concentrate and lowers productivity. Your productivity and success at work will be influenced by your workspace. Here’s a list of ideas to enhance your home office space that helps you be more efficient and productive.

Let There Be Light

Poor lighting in the home office space is frequently disregarded, but it can cause headaches, eyestrain, and irritability. Adding efficient ambient and task lighting is the simplest method to make the space brighter. Interior designers recommend lighting in layers. For better lighting in your immediate workspace, add a desk or floor lamp. Then, add more light sources to the area to balance the distribution of light and prevent harsh shadows and glare.

The ideal light for working is natural light, which is also a good method to make your home office brighter. So let in some sunshine. A mirror can also be hung to make the space appear deeper and to encourage the light to reflect off the walls.

Paint the Walls

According to design experts, colors impact how you feel. Therefore, painting your office in a color that boosts productivity is highly recommended. Bright red, orange, and green are energizing colors with which some individuals love to work. Others function better with relaxing hues like indigo or garden greens. Pick a color for the office space that suits you best in terms of your work mood.

If you have a small work corner and want it to feel bigger, paint the walls a light color like white, light grey, cream, or any other similar shade. You can also paint an accent wall in a color of your choice to boost your creativity and focus. 

Give Yourself a View

According to architects in Lahore, another excellent approach to brighten your home office is to have a window view and to get some fresh air. Studies have shown that exposure to more fresh air, sunlight and greenery improves mood, overall wellbeing, reduces stress and enhances productivity and focus.

Therefore, move your desk towards a window if you have one, especially if you have a green view of the outdoors. This will boost your overall wellbeing and improve your mood.

Plant Power

If you don’t have a window and an outside view of greenery, by using indoor plants in your home office design, you can bring in a little green from the outside. If you have a smaller workspace, consider installing a living wall or hanging plants. Plants not only create tranquility in the environment but also enhance the air quality.

The presence of plants on your desk can help you feel happier, less stressed, and more productive. Adding some greenery to your desk will ensure serenity for your eyes and uplift your mood.

Choose Functional Desk Accessories

The most important thing to consider is investing in a comfortable chair. Since you will be sitting at your desk all day, it is of utmost importance that you buy a good chair for your home office so you don’t have any back issues.

Your focus and productivity may greatly benefit from how you set up and style your desk. Sort your papers, pencils, paper clips, and other office supplies using decorative, useful desk organizers to clear the clutter. Your office can become a joyful and productive location to produce your best work if it has a tidy desk area.

You can also brighten up your home office and make it feel more inviting by adding bursts of color. Invest in a few colorful touches like customized desk accessories and brightly colored frames to display any desk photos. Stationary items like notebooks and pens will make your workstation look vibrant.

A large oversized calendar is perfect for individuals who want to have their schedules visible and accessible. Not only does it serve as decor it keeps your agenda, daily tasks and deadlines in check.

Add Some Artwork

It is the little things that bring us the most joy. Your working environment can be greatly improved by adding motivating artwork. Your home office will look better and you’ll be more inspired and productive all day if you surround yourself with artwork you enjoy.

The benefit of having your own home office is that you may customize it to whatever you choose. Add some interesting artwork as per your preference.  

You can also add an inspiration board made of wood to showcase inspirational sayings, quotes, images, or anything to get the creativity flowing.  

Define Space with an Area Rug

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a warm and homely workspace. Something as simple as adding a colorful patterned area rug can help define the space. Adding a nice colorful rug will make your home office space cozier, keeping your feet and heart warm as you work.

All of the above ideas will help you create the right home office space that will enable you to be more productive.