Alongside a number of other factors that play a primary role in creating a specific ambiance in your house, furniture leads the list. Imagine a house without furniture. Would you be able to complete its interior without placing, sofas, beds, tables, chairs and other items of the similar category? Certainly not! Whenever it comes to designing the interior of a house, the first thing that comes in a designer or homeowner’s mind, is ‘furniture’. In ideally designed luxury homes in a Pakistan, every smallest to largest piece of furniture depicts your personality, your interior designing taste and even the culture as a whole.

Those, who are eager to creating an ideal interior for their residences, selecting renowned home furnishers like Amer Adnan Associates ® is essential because these well-reputed companies provide custom-furniture that is 100 % compatible with the specific interior theme they create in house. Like tends and changes in so many other things related to interior designing, styles of furniture are also seeing a swift shift. Let’s us watch, what’s new in the furniture trends of the year 2015.

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The Rise of Custom Made Furniture

Custom Made FurnitureEarlier, when the trend of hiring a professional was not so common, people used to select furniture on their own and it was all about what pleased their eyes. Later when the trend of hiring a construction company in Pakistan, saw a surge, the work was assigned to professionals, who used to select furniture while keeping the whole interior of luxurious homes in Lahore. However, now there is seen a tremendous drift towards custom-made furniture, which is designed while keeping the interior of a particular house.

This the reason that most of the interior designing companies in Pakistan are expanding their services to custom-design furniture in a bid to create a more appropriate interior while maintaining excellent compatibility with every single thing. Moreover, as a custom-made furniture is designed while keeping a particular interior in view, therefore, it maintains a special unique element. Contrary to selecting a typical ready-made furniture design, you can get more versatility because your home furnishing specialist will make it while keeping the layout, design and a specific appeal of your house.

Getting a Culture-based Furniture

Culture-based FurnitureLiving styles vary with respect to specific cultures. For instance, a traditionally designed and decorated house in Pakistan will be totally different from a house in a Europe or in a house in Japan or China? What creates the actual difference is the layout and furnishing of a house – for instance, a Japanese dining area makes special use of space and light where a simplest dining table with very low height is placed in the center, around which there are arranged some chairs with the height compatible to that of the table. The base of the chairs touches directly to the ground surface, there are no legs at all and it is just like eating while sitting at ground. It is all up to you which culture you want to follow, if you are more concerned with your own culture then go for a traditional style furniture for your dining. If you want to create a more glamorous and luxurious feel then getting a stylish furniture with more curves and designing is more suitable.

Antique Furniture

Antique FurnitureUsually, composed of wood, antique-style furniture with specific curves and designs is considered ever-green, as it adds a royal feel inside your house. For those, who want to stay rooted in their old traditions and living style –choosing vintage furniture is an ideal choice and this perfectly becomes a unique way of maintaining a style-statement.