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Wrought Iron or Aluminum –Which type of Furniture is best for Your Patio?

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8 years ago

An ideally designed house is just perfect in all respects – either it is the balcony, indoor living areas or patio, you will see a coherence in everything. For some people, who might not be as aware with the interior designing essentials, putting emphasis on living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom is all to create a perfect house.

This is not the case in actual because every area of a house needs to be decorated with care and attention. Placing furniture is the most important step and usually you need to take the advice of a professional to make the best selection and arrangement to create an ideal inside ambiance. The same attention and skills are required when you are to choose furniture for your patio. Choices are endless, with respect to materials and designs and quality. The two most commonly used types of outdoor furniture are –wrought iron furniture and aluminum, both have their own pros and cons and before choosing either of these, have a look on their comparison.

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Suitability for Outside Climate

Aluminum furniture is made up of aluminum tubes or casting and if designed specifically for outdoor it is   more resistant to water and heat and is easy to clean. On the whole, aluminum furniture is much easier to maintain. On the other hand, wrought iron is made up of half-inch round bars which are converted into various designs from simpler to ornate. It is not as resistant to outside climatic conditions and gets damaged or eroded if exposed to heat and rain for a longer time period.


Aluminum is light weight for which I can be moved around easily. On the other hand, wrought iron is more in weight and is stable enough. If you need to move the furniture frequently then make a purchase while keeping the weight factor in view.


Aluminum outdoor furniture requires minimum maintenance you just need to wash it with water to remove dust and debris. On the contrary, wrought iron needs a little more care as you need to frequently wipe it with diluted dish soap. Moreover, to save it from rusting, you need to spray it with wax once or twice a year. If used frequently, wrought iron can be chipped or scratched and to repair these areas, you need to sand them with medium grit sandpaper and apply a paint matching with that of original paint.


In durability comparison, aluminum furniture stands far above the wrought iron for its high resistance, for scratches, water and heat. The powder coat finish on its surface makes the aluminum long lasting in quality. Wrought iron is susceptible to rusting but its heavy weight makes it resistant to breakage.

Design and Decoration

For its numerous types and remarkable designs, aluminum furniture is good to create an enhanced outside ambiance. Made from liquid material and poured into sand casts, Aluminum pieces are mended into different designs and shapes to create different styles of furniture. When it comes to choosing furniture to create luxury home designs in Pakistan, the foremost thing you need to give emphasis on is the selection of furniture – no matter, you are choosing it for indoor or outdoor of your house. So, whenever it comes to picking up from either of aluminum or wrought iron, you need to make comparison of all the basic properties, which could allow you to make a perfect decision.