Do you think that the existing area of your house is no longer sufficient to accommodate your family members? As your children grow up, you need to create separate bedrooms and other additional zones such as a study room so that privacy is not interrupted in anyway. In such a situation, you have two options – either move in a new house or get the current residence extended.

It is all up to you when it comes to making a final choice. If you don’t have sufficient budget and time to move in a new house, better extend your existing house. However, still you need to take the services of a professional architect in Pakistan, who could provide you all the details about various options, total cost and time required to accomplish the project.

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Here are the things which you need to consider before going for a story-addition option.

Local Area Ordinances and Building Codes

Do your local area building codes permit you to add a second or third story in your existing house? If yes, then what are rules and limitations? In case, the area codes prohibit you to go for such an option, better quit the idea and find out some best alternative options.


For this, you better need to get your house inspected by a professional, who could give you the best advice while keeping the structure of your walls and strength of your foundations. If it is a third-story then concern for the safety of the ground floor walls is high. You might need to renovate or restructure the walls to make them stronger enough to support a third floor.

Get Budget Analysis

Getting precise budget analysis from an experienced architect in Lahore is essential because it has much to make a final decision about the second-story addition. If you are planning to restructure the ground floor walls and foundation and want to build a complete house structure on the upper floor then certainly budget will go up to a greater extent. Draw a comparison of these expenses with that of moving in a new house. Check which choice suits you the best but also consider some other additional factors, regarding the environment of new locality, the cost of construction in that area and distance from your office and your children’s schools.

Do you want to extend the Existing Staircase Up?

Usually, people don’t want to follow the same structure for the new stories; instead they want to go with new trend to make the upper portion trendier. In case, the new structure requires you to rebuild the staircase, you will have to spend extra charges and the reconstruction may also require you to demolish the other related zones attached with the stairs.

Do you really need a Proper Story Addition?

Sometimes, you just need a little more additional area in your house instead of building a complete mimic of the ground or second floor. Think twice! Sometimes simple addition of a small loft can also workout which you can use as an additional bedroom or a study room. This way, you can save additional charges and take off stress from your shoulders.