What is more exciting than building a new house of your own? There is much more included in this excitement – the pleasure of constructing a residence of your own, getting a chance of using your choice from the point of hiring an architect in Pakistan to designing the interior of your house. No doubt, building a new house for you is an exciting project and sometimes in this excitement, you might ignore many of the key factors, which may spoil your whole construction plan.

The major problem, which most of the homeowners face is the poor estimation of cost of construction. Usually, your builder or constructor tells you about total estimated cost but in-case you have not directed him properly about your needs and requirements or if he fails to accurately analyze the cost, you may have to stop or linger-on your construction project. Sometimes, homeowners or constructors fail to include the hidden costs, which later become a big shock, leaving your building project in the middle.

Latent Defects

All that seems perfect may not be perfect all the time, so is the case with a newly constructed or under construction house. There could remain some construction defects in your building work, especially if the constructor or workers are not experienced enough. The defects could be in plumbing adjustment, improper water proofing, poor installation of siding or due to wrapping of wooden floor. As a result of which, you need to go for expensive repairs, which disrupt your whole construction budget plan.

Important: Therefore, whenever it comes to choosing a constructor, you need to thoroughly research about his repute and previous construction work. Although, an honest and responsible builder is enough to monitor your construction process but still you need to keep a personal check by observing the minor details so that these may not become a big issue in future.

Sudden Price Hikes  

Whenever, you are going to plan total cost of construction, don’t forget the chances of price hike. A wise or smart construction budget is prepared while keeping every minor thing in view –including the present market prices and the probability of price hike in the next few months, during which the project is designed to be completed.

Important: There are two possible solutions for this issue – either you purchase complete construction materials in stock or reserve a spare budget for the hidden costs.

Changing the Construction Plan

Sometimes, you suddenly think to change your construction plans because you may realize that the design you have chosen is outdated or not appropriate or there could be any other reason and in another case you have to fire the constructor, if he does not provide you satisfactory work. In either case, you have to restart everything and certainly it affects your budget plan too. You need to hire new architect to redesign your house and the amount you have given in advance to your previous constructor is non-refundable.

Missing Basic Necessities

It is not necessary that your house building goes 100% the way you want it to be. Sometimes, the lack of proper check and balance may result in missing some basic things such as fences, decks, window coverings or any other thing, as a result of which you need to pay extra amount to get it reconstructed. Sometimes, the materials used in the construction are not the same as you chose during the construction plan; therefore, you need to pay more for purchasing the new items.

If you want to enjoy the construction venture of your house from the starting point till the end, make sure you have chosen a renowned construction company in Lahore, which not only draws perfect budget analysis but also provides you with responsible architects and team of workers.