The bedroom is an individual’s dearest space. Small bedrooms usually are challenging to decorate. However, here are some ideas to revamp your small bedroom and to help restructure this space as your favorite go-to spot in the house! These tips would help you reform your small bedroom in such a way that it would appear bigger, retaining its cozy feel and uniqueness at the same time.

Accessorize to Adorn!

Accessorize to Adorn

A small bedroom should be painted in monochrome tone. You must use a single color and then accessorize the space with complementing hues. These complementing shades should be meticulously used for the furniture that you have in your bedroom. For instance, a small bedroom painted completely in white, should introduce slightly dark accents in accessories and furniture like blue hues for a chest of drawers or dark grey roller blinds. You could hang reading lights in soothing hues and have a tucked-in bedroom look that adds a personal touch to this private space of yours.

Statement / Feature Wall

Statement Feature Wall

A statement or feature wall is always in vogue for all sorts of bedrooms, but a close analysis by top interior decorators in Lahore looks at how these are more popular with smaller bedrooms. The best thing about having a feature wall in your bedroom is that you could go all imaginative and boldly creative with it. If you are trying to create a statement through this particular wall, you may want to add framed posters or wall hangings of things that personally interest you, like your taste in music and literature. You could add an all-over wallpaper or play with wooden paneling, if your idea is to simply feature this wall without making it overkill the entire space.

Let there be Light!

Let there be Light

By letting natural light in through large windows, you would basically ensure that your small bedroom appears bigger. Top interior designers in Pakistan feel that natural light not only adds charm to any space, but also helps in creating that light and airy feel that a small bedroom desperately yearns for. The large windows can be chosen in bay design, and that would help in fashioning an edged niche within the space of the room where you can establish a small window seat/couch and always enjoy the exterior view!

Adding Shelves

Adding Shelves

A great way of decorating your small bedroom is by adding shelves. Adding floating shelves adjacent to the wall where the bed rests, is a great idea to showcase some miniature artwork or flowers with vines. These shelves signify an artistic taste and add a pleasant feel to the overall plan of the bedroom. Shelves are also a great way of enhancing storage space in a small bedroom; one could always add books to these shelves and effectively utilize the wall space.

Subtle over Dark Shades

Subtle Over Dark Shades

Modern House Architects in Pakistan feel that light and soft colors accentuate the space in small bedrooms. Therefore, it is better to avoid employing darker or thicker shades that would diminish the spaciousness that you want to create in your bedroom. Powder pink or pastel shades of beige for your furniture upholstery and bed cushions are a fine option instead of cramming the space with deep brown or loud orange. The more neutral you are in your color scheming, the more light and airy your bedroom would feel. You can couple the overall ambiance of this setting with items that have reflective surfaces like small, decorative wall stickers or mirrors to maximize the flow of natural light in the bedroom.

Try these tips for recreating your small bedroom space into one that essentially makes everyone skip a heartbeat at the very first glance!