We spend a significant part of our lives in our bedrooms. On average, we stay in our bedroom for 8 to 9 hours which is around one-third of our day. Most of this time is dedicated to sleeping and relaxing. Good sleep is very important because we cannot function properly without it. Having a bedroom that has a relaxing ambience can make a difference. It is not a daunting task to turn your bedroom into a serene oasis. All you need to do is to make some tweaks, and you will have your own sanctuary to relax all you want. Here are some tips from top interior decorators in Pakistan which will help you have a haven of your own.

Paint Serene, Sleep Conducive Colours


Cool colours like light blue, sky blue, grey, lime green, lavender and other such shades are known to create a serene atmosphere that is more conducive to sleep and helps relax. Similarly, you can also use neutral colours to achieve a similar effect. These colours have been found to have a stress-relieving impact, using pastel shades has a more positive influence. You should avoid bright and dark colours such as purple, dark orange, magenta, and especially red. Similarly, choose soft finishes instead of glossy paints because the former has a more soothing effect.

Get Window Dressing That Blocks Light


Light is important in our lives, and exposure to a good amount of light is good for our health but during the day. At night, you really want to snuggle in the dark with no light disturbing your sleep cycle. Interior decorators in Lahore recommend outfitting your windows in a way that they can block light from coming in when you want. You can use blinders and screens as a more modest and robust solution to the problem, or you can also invest in beautiful drapes such as blackout curtains, which will give your room a more luxurious look. You can choose the colour and patterns of the curtains according to the design of your room, however, keep in mind to buy dark colours as they are more effective at blocking light.

Have Plants In Your Room As Air Purifiers


We all know that plants provide us with oxygen, so what can be better than having small plants around as air purifiers. Plants can not only lift the aesthetics of your room but can also make the place look more serene and comforting. Different plants have different effects, and we are not saying that you turn your bedroom into a garden, but nowadays every modern house design in Pakistan features the use of plants to make the space look more lively and fresh. You can keep plants on tabletops, your bedside table, in your window, or in a nook if it’s a large plant. Snake plants and aloe vera are a great choice as they remove the toxins from the air, purify it and provide oxygen at night which can help you relax and have a good night sleep.

Use Rugs And Carpets To Cancel Noise


Noise is one of the biggest mood killers when you are trying to relax or sleep. You need to make sure you reduce the noise disturbing your peace. Interior designers in Pakistan focus on using upholstered furniture such as tables, chairs, couches and beds. Choose thick drapes which can also work against the noise. Not only that, rugs are great to not only step up your decoration but to make your room noise-free. Rugs and carpets have the ability to absorb noise, and so they will prevent most of the noises from coming in or going out.

Décor does not always have to be shiny and over the top, but it needs to be according to the purpose of the place. Your bedroom is a place to relax so it should have a decor that can enhance the relaxing ambience.