When we have a look at the urban housing across Pakistan’s top metropolitan cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, we will come across a range of artistic and compelling housing designs that would leave us enthralled. The housing trends keep changing with the time and the architects in Pakistan are trying to incorporate innovative elements in the new house designs to ensure maximum convenience for the dwellers as well as to construct highly elegant and stylish houses. We have penned down some top four urban housing trends in Pakistan for the year 2015 to help home designing and decor enthusiasts satisfy their urge for modern housing. Please read below for details:

The Open Spaces Go Mainstream

It has been noted that open floor plans that may appear as the old hat are becoming a wish beyond the young hipster demographic. During the year 2015, we will be able to witness the open spaces across all the newly constructed as well as the renovated homes. Kitchen which is the hub of home has most importantly become an open space as all the walls have been removed to ensure greater togetherness and sense of unity for all the family members.

Ceramic and Porcelain Flooring Gets More Attention

The architecture companies in Pakistan as well as the people across the country are giving greater importance to the ceramic and porcelain tiles than the marble and vinyl flooring. There are several reasons for people to give preference to this kind of flooring however the key reasons include the elegant appearance as well as cost effectiveness. Although marble flooring has a better finishing than the ceramic and is easier to clean, its cost is almost double than that of the ceramic flooring. Whether we have a look at the shopping malls and offices or at the homes, ceramic flooring has gained greater popularity in 2015.

Seeking Intelligent Storage Solutions

The homeowners across Pakistan are getting more inclined towards utilizing the space in their homes in the best manner. In order to do so, they are incorporating cupboards and drawers intelligently at areas such as beds, staircases and other places. “The homeowners want to utilize every bit of free space at their homes in the new era.” Says AmerAdnan, who’s one of the leading architects and interior designers of Pakistan. Making intelligent use of free space for storage at home helps minimizing the clutter across various rooms.

Geometrical Patterns Gain Popularity

When it comes to home elevation and looks, the architects in Pakistan are making more use of geometrical shapes while they create home designs. Gone are the days when round and cut corners of windows, doors and partitions were in trend across the country. This trend will continue during 2015 and would grab more attention from the home décor and construction enthusiasts.

Apart from the four modern housing trends of 2015 that are mentioned above, you will be able to figure out many new things that are a part of modern housing. Go figure out yourself!