Architecture can be classified as ‘modern’ if it has clean lines, a lack of embellishment and is somewhat utilitarian in its appearance. No frills allowed. Characteristically, form follows function and every bit, piece or projection serves a purpose.

When the client wanted a modern house on his 4500 square foot property in Valencia Town, Lahore, we hit the drawing board. The workable façade of a house on such a plot is about 40 feet with a provision of 5 extra feet should a dead wall be provided.

The house was given three distinct looks (two of which are pictured above), each playing upon a specific aspect (c-shaped framing, sloped roof, long overhangs), which were then presented at the subsequent meeting.

We are currently awaiting a final decision.

Oh, the long wait.

When the luxury of designing a home is available, it’s best to add a little flair. To customize it in a way, that makes the space tailor-made; suited entirely to an individual’s personal taste and lifestyle. Getting a home constructed is (usually) a one-time deal – best make it something worthwhile.

And worthwhile should mean jaw-droppingly, heart-renderingly, mind-numbingly gorgeous. It should make casual passers by stop and wonder…who designed that?

If I ask nicely, will the owners let me take a look inside?

In this day and age, that may be unlikely, but nevertheless it is a goal worth striving towards.

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