After having spent a lengthy day of playing tourist, you are hailed by that fabulous hotel room. Those extravagant cotton sheets and fluffy pillows leave you questioning whether or not the hotel management would get to know if you slipped one of those in your luggage. The height of extravagance that lets you pad your feet along the thick and fluffy carpet right into the magnificent bathroom that offers glass shower jetting your entire body and that awesomely fragrant lavender soap, are a few things that enlighten on what it is like to stay in a first-class hotel. Many of you are always willing to sink your hard-earned money into such wonderful experience – after all this is your vacation time and you deserve experiencing something out of the ordinary.

Then why is it that when the vacation has ended, you get back to your home welcomed by an uncomfortable bed, messy living room and an unwelcoming bathroom? Can’t you enjoy a bit of this extravagance in your daily existence? A lavish lifestyle can be achieved at home in a limited budget if you follow a few simple steps. But before proceeding further, you need keeping in mind that extravagant hotels do not come cheap; some highly experienced interior designers in Pakistan helps them deck the halls and rooms. Here are a few things you could accomplish on your own:

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Spare Sufficient Space in the Bedroom

The main objective of an interior designer, while decorating a hotel room is to spare sufficient space and convert that small space into a flexible haven for the guests where they could do a number of activities. This is what you need doing with your bedroom. You should allocate areas for sleeping, reading, eating & drinking, working, grooming etc.

Light it up artfully

Did you know more than half of the extravagance at hotels and other outdoor places is a result of artful and intelligent lighting? The first-class hotels incorporate three-way switch at entry for bedside lamps. Besides an automatic closet light, ample lighting in the bathroom, well-lit makeup mirror, lighting in the tub area as well as under the vanity as night lamp are a few things you should focus most on. In addition, you need to have dimmer controls on all lighting across your bedroom. Not to forget, the lights in your bedroom need to be dimmed and should reflect light off the walls instead of hitting straight into your eyes.

An intelligently selected furniture

Furniture selection is the most vital thing when it comes to interior designing in any kind of setting. AmerAdnan who is Pakistan’s top-known interior designer, qualified from United States, is if the opinion that a few smart purchases can fool the eye into believing your small bedroom is larger than its actual footprint and make it appear more pleasing to your eyes. The best idea is to color your bedroom walls off-white and choose darker furniture to make a perfect contrast.

Dedicated place for late-night snacks

If your bedroom reserves special space for late-night snacks, it would turn into an ultimate haven for you. It’s a good idea to buy smart furniture for your room. Visit the specialist furniture shop and get yourself a smaller chair and table that fits perfectly into the space. Besides you need to make your bedroom feel personal and unique. The intelligent arrangement of furniture and its size also needs to be in accordance with your bedroom’s size.