Platform Bed, as the name reveals is a bed on pedestal. This is a bit different and economical from a typical four-legged bed. Placed directly on the floor, the platform beds provide you a comfortable sleep with their high quality wooden base. The design of a pedestal bed differs from that of a typical bed because it maintains a special kind of sleek look in its every style. You can also find some of the platform beds with four legs of 6cm height, idea by architects in Pakistan.

You do not need to use a box spring mattress on these beds because their wooden base provides enough support. With such a strong base, these beds do not bend in the middle with the passage of time. Do not be mistaken by the concept that the platform beds limit your choice and these are available in simpler designs. You can find these beds in a variety of styles, price ranges and materials.

You Have a Variety to Choose From

The design and style of platform beds can be from plain and basic to a stylish and large size. The unique beds provide you with a range of options to choose from –you can either go for a cheaper platform bed, modern and contemporary in a size of king, queen, full and twin. Choose the one that not only suits your budget but also your room’s requirement. Usually, the simpler designs have a mattress on a raised stand. Platform beds with such designs do not have a headboard. You can use them in the smaller rooms because their plain look helps making a smaller room look bigger than it actually is. Stylish platform beds can be from twin or Californian King. The latter is chosen for the larger rooms to give them a luxurious look as these have compartments and drawers underside or on the headboard.

Get them Designed with a Material of Your Choice 

If your room has wooden or laminate wood flooring, then to maintain the even look of your room, the best option is to choose a durable hardwood platform bed. Other than this, you can have these beds in different colors like—white, off white and black. Usually black and white are available in the leather materials and these are good to add value to your entire room’s interior. Even you can have the matching dressing tables and cupboards in the room, which give a highly elegant look to your entire bedroom.

If you are opting for this kind of bed for the first time, you need to hand over the responsibility to your interior designer in Lahore because he, being a professional has the knowledge and skills to decide the size, color and design that best suits your room’s needs. If you want to choose a dark wood, cherry or Mahogany are good to go because these have long lifespans. For lighter shades, you can choose a maple wood.