Furniture has always played significant role in interior decor whether of home or a professional workplace. When it comes to traditional furniture, the upholstery is key element and if it is not chosen wisely, it takes away all the beauty of interior. Whether you are getting a whole new custom furniture made for your home or workplace or you are updating your current furniture, you need choosing the upholstery fabric with great care while keeping in mind some really important elements. Although many aspects of choosing upholstery fabric for your furniture may seem quite obvious for instance choosing the color or how it feels when touched yet it is always the best idea to take into account your personal needs. Below are a few factors you need considering while choosing the upholstery fabric:

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Quality of Fabric

Quality FabricWhile choosing the fabric for your furniture, you need to keep your focus on the quality of fabric. Since it is not easy to get your furniture renewed every once in a while, you need to make use of premium quality fabric to make sure that it lasts longer. At times, people do not focus on the durability of fabric because of the fact that they do not have kids at homes or in other cases, they keep it as their least priority. Choosing the fabric based on who will be using the furniture is the best idea. If you have pets at home, make sure that you choose microfiber fabric or leather. Besides, if it is going to be placed in the high-traffic area of your home or office, never opt for weaker upholstery fabric. Pakistan’s leading interior designer AmerAdnan also recommends choosing durable and high quality fabric in furniture.

Fabric Color

Fabric ColorTo many, choosing color may not be a matter of attention. People usually choose fabric color for their furniture that looks best to them however it is not about the color that attracts you but about the interior of your home. Just like wall paint color has its impact on the people living inside a home, the fabric color of your furniture also does its job. Besides, when you get to a fabrics shop to choose upholstery for your furniture, many fabrics may seem too good to you at first look however you need keeping in mind that you’ve got to live with that fabric for long time period. Making a selection is therefore a vital thing. The interior designers in Lahore recommend dull color for furniture that is intended for small room whereas bold colors for furniture that is going to be placed in living rooms or halls. Opting for trendy colors may also not be a wise decision because the color trends come and go.

Special Considerations

Apart from the quality and color of fabric, you need to consider many other factors which include:

  • Fade Resistance: If you intend placing your furniture in a room that is exposed to direct sunlight, you need keeping in mind that it needs to be fade resistant.
  • Mildew Resistance: If the climate of the town where you live or the building where you are going to place furniture remains moist most of the time, the fabric needs to be mildew resistant to withstand mildew.
  • Allergies: If you or any of your home members is allergic of dust, the furniture fabric you choose should be microfiber and lint free so that it does not attract dust and trigger allergies.