After a tiring sightseeing tour, when your tourist body met by those extra soft, sumptuous cotton bedding and fluffy pillows in your luxurious hotel, it doesn’t take you long to fall asleep. In the morning, you awake and walk into the spa bathroom. Huh! Those full body jets in the glass screen shower awakens your senses, and the heavenly smelling soap from France freshens you up.

This is just a tang of what it feels like to stay in a luxury hotel, and most of us do not hesitate to sink our hard-earned money into such an exquisite experience. After all, vacation is the time to treat yourself and of course you completely deserve it.

So why we can’t experience even a small version of this treat in our daily lives? Budget can be an issue for some, but remember first-rate hotels do not come cheap. If you are willing to taste that luxury, then be prepared to spend some cash to ensure your walk-in shower is attractive and gives unrivaled showering pleasure.

Here is what we at AmerAdnan Associates calls a luxury bathroom:

The Feel of Luxury

Feel of Luxury

Bathrooms in high-end hotels can be a great source of inspiration for savvy homeowners on available features and products. Elegant sinks, chic Jacuzzi tubs, heated towel racks, large mirrors, stylish wood vanities and decorative lighting are some of the choices inspired by hotel shower rooms.

Feel of Luxury 2

Considering various materials and finishes is important as it enhances the overlook of your bathroom while delivering lifetime value. Use tranquil colors, gold finishes, natural stones, handcrafted tiles and honed surfaces to create splendid visuals with durable appeal.

Feel of Luxury 3

Also, consider using glass for toilet enclosures, sinks, counters and even floors. The glass is swiftly gaining popularity and is a perfect alternative to some of the traditional materials. It’s an eye-catching option for people seeking unusual combination for their bathrooms.

Feel of Luxury 4