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Stylization and Decor for Rooftop Cafes

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2 years ago

It takes a great deal to be a successful restaurateur or hotelier, especially in an exceedingly competitive market. It is essential to be armed with creativity, determination, and resilience to just get past the edge. In Lahore, people have unlimited choices for where to eat out, hence, enticing people to dine at your cafe is more difficult than before.

Many Pakistani interior designers feel that rooftop cafes and restaurants are among the newest trends within the Pakistani food industry. Especially when the golden hour arrives, the summer evening and socializing over coffee from the rooftops of cafes and restaurants overlooking beautiful views is something people look forward to.

Incorporating New and Old Trends

Incorporating New and Old Trends

The latest trends in modern rooftop décor include crafting inspirational spaces and providing a welcoming environment. A lot of Architects in Lahore want to incorporate a contemporary flair into their design ideas and projects. Fabulous lighting fixtures, stylish café stools, polished restaurant tables, unusual wall decorations displaying modern artwork, open terraces and rooftop gardens all add a fresh touch to an open sky design and create a balance of old and new trends.

In tandem with this, the thought of hanging portraits of treasured heroes in literature, art and music is additionally an excellent one, with a variety of warm, ethereal hues for the paint on the walls to enrich the colours of the sky above.

Contemporary and Futuristic

Contemporary and Futuristic

Interior Designers in Pakistan feel that for a more playful and futuristic decor in these cafes, there might be a play on geometric volumes and shapes, bold contrast in colors, and spectacular textures.

This could be set in a very grand design where people are warmly welcomed into a dimly lit covered space and greeted by bright stands of fairy lights on the surface, that put a great deal of focus on the furniture, and subsequently the main bar where the baristas are often seen preparing coffees for customers.

In such locations, the planning comprises of attractive outdoor furniture to offer the rooftop space a more bold and enticing look. High ceiling and pendant light designs, solid wood panels, and custom-made furniture create a warm ambiance for people wanting an uplifting outdoor dining experience.

Open Terrace Design

Open Terrace Design

Open terraces can have a really attractive and bold impact in a rooftop café design. A rooftop café could display a stunning, open terrace that gives an amazing view of the busy city from above. You’ll want to feature a cozy lounge seating space and a few exciting dining furniture sets surrounded by plush landscaping to make the dining experience for clients an unforgettable one!

In order to have customers feel comfortable and fresh in the sizzling summer days, make arrangements to feature mist fans in such a way that they are placed at a distance from the mainstream seating areas, so as to not have the mist blowing directly at people.

The overall rooftop café/restaurant design has always been very inviting. Rooftop cafes and lounges are wonderful spots to grab your favourite coffee and socialize with friends. Rooftops even during the scorching days of summer tend to give life to your daily, mundane eating experience.

Use the above ideas of décor to offer an ideal design to your rooftop café/restaurant.

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