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Creating Intimate Spaces in Fine Dining Restaurants

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5 years ago

It’s the eve of your 7th wedding anniversary and you have booked a table at your spouse’s favorite 5 star restaurant. An otherwise romantic evening is in danger due to the lack of privacy in the restaurant’s main dining area. The tables are pushed so close together that the place seems cramped and you can’t even have a proper conversation. So what can be done to improve the ambience of restaurants? Here’s a look at some possible design ideas.

Trends & Spaces

‘Living walls’ is now a trend, but quickly becoming a movement, which is being incorporated in a large number of restaurants, cafes and eateries. It includes placing veils of green plants on walls (whether hydroponic or artificial), or plants in pots covering the wall. This gives a fresh feel to the entire place.

Restaurants Trends & Spaces

Privacy Enhancement

We’re at a point in time where everyone recognizes the value of privacy- even in a public space!  The challenge lies in developing a safe place where people can be themselves. Living walls are a great way to provide just that. They are great when it comes to absorbing noise and develop privacy in sitting areas such as restaurants and eateries. Customers get the added benefit of having their tables to themselves, along with breathing in fresh air. Living walls also lower the room temperature, on average, by 3 or 4 degrees. Over time, this means that electricity costs can be reduced at your dining establishment.

Privacy Enhancement in Restaurants

Floor Planning In a New Direction

Interior designers in Pakistan must ensure that   results in comparative privacy and noise reduction for the restaurant-goers. Table arrangements and seating has to be done in a way that it is not too spacious, and not too crowded either. Keeping a neat and clean layout in mind allows interior designers to use the available spaces for other features such as a dessert counter, or a small stage for performances.

Restaurants Floor Planning

In Perfect Alignment

Floor planners must place tables in a way that does not disrupt the restaurant’s alignment as a whole. Simply put, the way the tables are placed should reflect a clean symmetry, if not a proper line. Walls can be built in the form of a maze so that privacy is kept intact and an element of spontaneity is also added. Booths can also be installed, which can give off a funky, retro, old-school diner vibe to your restaurant. Booths can be designed to add a luxurious feel to the establishment- all it takes is the right combination of plush fabrics and craftsmanship. High quality wood and smooth finishes, along with velvety cushions can be incorporated to lend a sophisticated outlook. A trellis can be added in between tables, woven with real or artificial greenery, to add a touch of spring to the restaurant. 

However you eventually decide to decorate your restaurant, keep in mind that privacy and personal space is a non-negotiable priority for the contemporary diner. Gone are the days of shared dining, or communal tables with bigger families. Now less is more, and what better way to achieve intimate spaces than by ordering custom booths from your interior decorator in Pakistan!

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