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Privacy in Modern House Designs in Pakistan

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4 years ago

Conduct an informal survey of your friends and you will find that most of them will use the following words to describe a home: safe, comfortable, intimate, clean, and private. Among these terms, privacy takes center-stage in the new year, especially where first-time homeowners in Pakistan  are concerned. The global shift towards smaller yet fully-equipped living spaces has been spearheaded by millennials. The same goes here, where young professionals and business owners are exploring standalone residential situations. However, despite their need for privacy, these same individuals require homes that offer enough quarters for their entire clan. A combination consisting of a knowledgeable architect  and an experienced construction company in Lahore, can deliver a brand new house that balances privacy with interaction.

Windows: Safe from Scrutiny


The windows of your home  let in sunlight, fresh air, and sometimes, the unwanted attention of prying eyes. If your residence is past the construction phase, the solution may lie in using one-way vision window films. In addition to the instant-privacy benefit, window films also provide a significant reduction in solar glare, heat gain and UV radiation. Another possible option is to use aluminum privacy screens over existing windows as well as around the balcony or patio area. These type of screens serve a double-purpose: they shelter residents from the outside world while protecting them from harmful UV rays- an important aspect during the long summer days. Then there are night-time privacy blinds available to use with large ceiling-to-floor windows.

Greenery: Living the Plant Life


Greenery , when designed with privacy in mind, can create a subtle barrier to unwanted disruptions. Through the careful application of landscape design principles and greenery, such as trees, bushes, shrubs, and flowers, an experienced landscape expert can create an attractive visual cocoon around your residence. Leafy vines can also provide an adequate cover over lattice screens in the balcony area.

Walls: When You Should Build Them

House Wall

Another way to maintain your privacy is by elevating fences and walls around the house’s perimeter. In the case your house is connected with the neighbour’s on one side, make sure to get their permission before starting any heavy-duty construction work. The basic idea is to block the line-of-sight and allow the occupants to move freely within their own premises.

Implementing a Traditional Security System

Security System

The commonly-held perception is that video surveillance is primarily meant for commercial properties, however, CCTV cameras on the residence can provide an extra-layer of security. Consult with a reputable private residential security firm in Lahore and gain a customized security plan for your home. The security experts can survey your property, assess possible safety and security risks, and then suggest the best options to keep your family safe from all possible threats. If you are not interested in investing in a full-scale security set-up, you can start small. Begin by installing motion-sensor lights and DIY security cameras at the front door, back door, on the porch, and near the driveway.

If you’re located in Lahore, make sure you find a construction company that has experience working with construction in Lahore and has worked on projects that may be similar to yours so that they can better guide you on how you can go about positioning important variables such as your windows, doors, walls and so on. Keep in mind the tips we’ve given above and discuss it over with the construction team to see how to create the best design but making sure to keep your privacy in mind.