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Splendid Landscape Designs from AmerAdnan Associates

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7 years ago

The idea to relax on the porch, watch people go pass by while talking to the neighbors is something that many in Pakistan may admire, especially the older generation. Since for many it’s a hobby whereas for others it maybe a way for leisure pursuit. But it can only be done if they have decent seating place in the front porch or backyard of the house.

What does this mean?

It means homeowners in Pakistan should not just focus on the interiors, but also pay attention to the exteriors of their homes. A nice seating area in the house can serve as a welcoming spot where you can hang out with your friends or family members and enjoy good weather and food.

You can create harmonious flow between the house and the outdoors by making use of different and interesting landscaping ideas that can pull visitors into the space.

By knowing the architectural style of your home, you can easily find the right color scheme that can go well with the interior and exterior of your home. Of course, you can always hire a professional architect in Pakistan to do this job for you.

Like AmerAdnan Associates has built these landscapes for different homeowners in Pakistan:


This paved courtyard has stone and decorative tile inlay whereas the wall in the back features stone accent.


We created this beautiful Spanish Courtyard with lovely beams, stone work, brick tile flooring and a fountain.


This is a side alley designed with pebbles and water features.


This patio is built in the center of the house with tile pathway. To add a unique touch we constructed a tree stump in the pathway.


The inimitable landscaping design has pavers with grass growing in between.

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