Like various other industries the trends in architectural domain have also been under constant change but for the past decade the shift in the drifts have become faster than ever. For some, the reason behind these abrupt changes could be ever-increasing energy costs and depleting fuel resources but the other major factor is ease and comfort which the latest trends have brought into our living styles.

Given below is a brief detail of some of the prevalent construction trends in Pakistan.

Reference: 2015 Commercial Construction and Architectural Trends in Pakistan

Smaller but Functional Homes

Functional HomesConstruction and architectural trends in Pakistan have been changed as now the overly big houses are no more considered the status symbol. Now the emphasis is on building smarter residences with more advance architectural features. According to some experts, the tiny houses cost 20 to 25% less than larger houses and their low maintenance cost and taxes even make them the first choice of the buyers. “The value of a house is not judged by its size, it is basically the architectural features which increase its worth”, says Amer Adnan, a renowned architect in Pakistan.

A Shift towards Energy-Efficient Residences

Technology has not only brought changes in the construction designs but it has helped making more functional houses where one can enjoy a more comfortable living style. Now, most of the modern houses in Pakistan are insulated with a variety of materials to make them energy-efficient and comfortable. A perfectly insulated house not only keeps the occupants safe from extreme climatic conditions but also helps saving money by cutting down the electricity consumption via air conditioners and air coolers. Besides, there are underground heat and cold systems, which help keeping the indoor temperature balanced with respect to the outside.  Lawn a is ‘Must-Have’ Part

LawnYou would have noticed that reserving a portion of house for greenery has become a norm. No matter how small or large a particular house is, ‘lawn’ is a must have part of it. In various housing societies in Pakistan, you can see that even a 5-marla house has a smaller lawn just to give it a complete look.

Larger Windows are in Trend

Smaller windows are considered outdated. Be it a small, medium-sized or a larger house, windows are always from top to bottom. Full-size windows which serve the dual purpose (can be used as window and a door) are in trend and mostly in living room, homeowners prefer to keep such windows so that getting an outside view of lawn could become easier.

Decorative False Ceilings

Decorative False CeilingsAlong with functionality, decoration is also given top priority. The trend of false ceilings have taken a stronger comeback with lots of variations and advancements. There are available hundreds of designs and styles of false ceilings, of which some imitate the wooden style and various other. Moreover, now there have been introduced more energy-efficient materials which provide insulation against outside heat and cold.

Equal Focus on Outdoor

Recently, the focus has turned more towards outdoor. Earlier, the outdoor decoration work was just limited to creating a lawn but now there is lot more an occupant can do. In houses with larger areas, homeowners can make a sunroom, an outdoor kitchen and can do much more. A sunroom in outdoor is constructed with insulated glass mostly which keeps you safer from the outside climatic conditions. This is the best place where you can enjoy the outside weather without being directly exposed to sunlight or rain.

Now, people are intended towards creating modern house designs in Pakistan as these are not only comfortable to live in but also have high resale value.