When it comes to look at the construction and architectural drifts of an area, we have to take into account the overall changes including the commercial building moves. Have you noticed that for the last two to three years there is seen a tremendous increase in the number of malls and large-size retail plazas across all the major cities of Pakistan. According to a latest report, Pakistan’s retail industry has seen an abrupt growth of 35 to 40% in the last decade. In a bid to add luxury, ease and style, the commercial buildings are designed and constructed while keeping the functionality and ambiance at the top.

As the construction projects are getting maximized with the passage of time, the renowned construction companies like Amer Adnan Associates ® are taking on major commercial construction projects, which involve – hotels, restaurants, and other major retail outlets including boutiques and spas.

Let’s know some of the commercial construction trends in the country, which are likely to be seen in the year 2015.

Airy and Well Lightened Buildings

Although, maintaining a style and design is one of the biggest concerns because this is what attracts customers the most. The ambiance and outlook of a building entice customers to visit a particular commercial place but simultaneously there is a need to keep up the functionality perspective. Now the construction companies prefer designing a commercial building with a ceiling height of 12 to 15 feet. With this height, it becomes easier to let the hot air out and cool air in and it is also proved that the practice has helped bringing down the temperature of a building to 10 degrees.

Split-Level Commercial Building Plans are the Vogue  

Split-level commercial building plans which are considered successful to utilize a limited space to the maximum are on rise. In the just started year 2015, the construction and design trends are going to gain further popularity because these divide a limited area into different floors and sections, ultimately increasing the functionality of a space to a considerable extent.

More Functional Design for Checkouts

Checkouts are always found near the main entrances of a shop or outlets but now the trend has seen a complete shift. Now, check counters are kept in the middle of a shopping center in a bid to avoid the mess that is created by the crowd of customers, who are standing in line to make payments and those entering the building.

A Focus towards More Insulated Buildings

Taking the acute climatic conditions in view, the home builders and retailers are inclined towards constructing the more insulated buildings as this is just a one-time spending, which later on results in cutting down high utility bills. In Punjuab, sand bricks are being replaced with Payaal, a type of hay, which is inserted in gaps between the hollow bricks. The reason of this replacement is the high-insulating power of Payaal, which keeps the buildings warmer in winters and cooler in summers. Moreover, the trend of using heat conducting metals (which are used in pillars and roof panels) is also getting fade because the lightweight aluminum sheaths and earth bricks are considered better substitute for keeping the heat away from the commercial buildings.

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Vinyl and Wooden Flooring

The use of ceramic tiles on the floors of commercial buildings has become obsolete. Now, the wooden and vinyl floors are being excessively used not only for their easy installation but high functionality and decoration purpose.

Clay Paints

Lead paints are immediately being replaced with the clay paints, which not only add a decorative touch but also promote healthier ambience inside a building.

If you are planning to construct your retailing outlet, conduct market research, get info about the latest construction trends and hand over the construction venture to a recognized construction company in Pakistan.