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Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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3 years ago

From charming powder rooms to spacious master baths, designing bathrooms to meet our everyday needs is a challenging yet crucial task. We often find ourselves surrounded by an endless source of design trends and ideas, from brass finishes to marbleized wallpaper.

A functional, yet sophisticated bathroom can greatly impact and improve a home’s overall appeal. Sometimes it is the simplest idea or decision which ends up completely morphing a space. Timeless and elegant, these modern bathroom design ideas can help transform functional spaces into relaxing and refreshing escapes.

Floating Vanity


The addition of a floating vanity can help create a sleek, stylish, and less cluttered modern look and feel for your bathroom.

Adding a floating vanity can help make bathrooms look larger by creating the illusion of increased space. Creating an open space below the bathroom cabinets allows for light to move throughout the bathroom, hence making the area appear larger and wider.

Not only do these vanities help make the area more spacious, but they also provide additional exterior storage space typically lost by the toe kick area of a traditionally built cabinet.

Incorporating Minimalism in your Design


Minimalism is a technique that ebbs and flows but always remains as one of the classic styles, making it a choice that works for modern home designs in Pakistan. The simplicity of it makes it easy to incorporate the aesthetic into a number of other styles and trends.

Elements such as color and texture are used with an emphasis on simplicity with extremely pared-down palettes that may include only one hue or color scheme. Details and space are design factors that really rule the aesthetic. This focus on space, simplicity, and beautiful design is refreshing and can aid in creating a timeless appeal to your space. Clean lines and a monochromatic color palette creates a soothing yet stylish bathroom.

Less is truly more when it comes to modern spaces. Rather than thinking of negative space as something empty that needs to be filled, it can be seen as an active detail in creating a minimalist aesthetic.

The Addition of Skylights

Bath Tub

Skylights are a fresh and functional design trick for modern bathrooms because they add more natural light and visual interest to your bathroom.

Instead of adding an overhead light, consider opting for a skylight that can make a notable difference in the bright natural light reaching the bathroom. Adding a skylight also reduces the number of fixtures in the room, helping provide that open, airy feeling and avoiding a hardware overload.

Consult a professional architectural design firm in Pakistan for more ideas on the addition of skylight to your bathroom design.

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding tubs can elevate the space by giving your bathroom a modern, yet sophisticated feel. A freestanding tub can help instantly bring an element of elegance to your bathroom.  Consider pairing the tub with a mosaic-inspired accent wall or a tile backsplash, to help eliminate visual barriers, making the bathroom feel more spacious.

The addition of a freestanding tub can help make a bathroom feel larger, as it tends to expand the visual floor space. It also creates visual interest and brings a luxurious feeling to the room.

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