Winter has already gone and the spring is in full bloom. The cruel hot summer is approaching and people are busy preparing themselves and their homes to deal with the long hot season. It is the right time for you to face more than half year of intense heat and sunshine. When it comes to winter, darker shades like grey, brown, black etc. are preferred whereas summer screams for brighter shades like white, green and pink to bring life to your living space. Since the climate remains hot in Lahore, the building construction in Lahore is usually done keeping in mind the same factors. So, before you finally set off on making your home cooler and brighter, here are a few tips that may help you through the summer preparation journey:

Reference: Brighten Up Your House for Summer 2014

Getting a New Paint Job Done

Before the summer’s intense heat begins to affect your life, it is always the perfect decision to get a new paint job done. Remember to choose brighter shades that Plantation and Grassbring light and life to your home and not the darker ones. The best paint shades to choose for your summer house are pure white and off white whereas you can also opt for other lighter shades of green, pink, blue and grey. The type of paint you choose for your summer house is also a point of serious concern. A lighter paint shade with matte finish would best suit your home and would ensure cool environment during the hot season.

More Plantation and Grass

As you are already familiar with the phenomenon that plants and grass absorb heat and prevent it from going forward. This is exactly what they do at your home. So, Paint Jobbefore the summer hits the ground, you should plant more trees and should allow thick grass in your lawn and outside your home’s boundary wall to make the environment cool and bright. Besides, embracing flowers and plants inside your home would also provide you with a fresh and exciting feel. Purchasing indoor vases and decorative plantation pots would not only add to the interior of your home but would also absorb heat.

Contacting a Professional for Advice

There is no doubt about the fact that sometimes DIY techniques work wonders however this does not happen every time. At times you need contacting an interior design professional for expert opinion. The modern house construction designs in Pakistan cover all the necessary elements that are necessary for keeping your home cool and bright during the summers. So you should also ask help from a reputable architecture and interior design firm to make sure that you enjoy summers instead of being fed up with the intense heat and all the difficulties this season brings along.