The winter is already gone and so is the spring season. It is time to get ready to face half year of intense heat and sunshine. Where the mood of winter calls for darker shades such as brown, black and dark grey; the summer screams for brighter and livelier shades to bring life to your sweet home. Here are some tips to help you optimize your house and make it look brightest during this summer season:

Clean up your Entire House

When do you remember, you did a perfect cleaning of your house last time? Most probably, it has been quite a while since you did so. Washing the fridge/freezer, cleaning up baseboards, scrubbing the bed and metal furniture, wiping off the mirrors etc. is going to make your house look fresh and new. Shifting all the extra and unused stuff to the storeroom is vital to make your house look spacious and airy. Across the year, an extensive range of stuff accumulates on our shelves and cupboards. Even in the kitchen cabinets, we find a variety of mismatched glassware and uneaten canned goods. It’s time to get rid of all the useless stuff in your house.

Get your Walls Revamped

Revamping your walls with bright colors is going to impact the overall feel of your home’s interior. The lighter your interior is the fresher and bright your home would appear. Getting your walls revamped is certainly going to make your home look more appealing and brighter. Besides, if your walls are darker, they will give a warm look, which is undesired especially during the summer season in Lahore. For the walls revamping process, you should hire the services of professional interior decorators in Lahore such as Amer Adnan Associates. They can help you tone up your walls to match the demands of summer season.

Place Flowers and Plants

You want your home to be cool during summer! Don’t you? For this, you need to make it look more natural. You can embrace flowers and plants inside your house for a fresh and exciting look. Another great idea is to purchase beautiful vases, matching or in contrast with the walls, and contact a local florist to provide you with fresh scented flowers quite often. Placing fresh flowers in your rooms would give you a truly natural and refreshing feel. You can also take help of early blooming bulbs of hyacinth, daffodils, crocus etc. AmerAdnan, a well-known interior designer in Pakistan also recommends making use of fresh plants and flowers for interior decoration.

Seek Help from a Professional

Apart from cleaning up of your house, revamping of walls and placement of fresh flowers and plants, there are many factors, which play significant role in making your home look brighter. It is always a great idea to hire a professional interior designer to help you with enhancing and brightening up your house for a pleasant summer experience. The reputable interior decorators in Lahore which include professionals like AmerAdnan, always suggest proper interior designing and decoration of your house.