Over the course of time, our houses start giving an old and worn out look and don’t seem as welcoming as they used to. Similarly, if you are moving into a new house, you need to have décor that can make your house feel like it’s yours. For a person who likes to host gatherings, it is really important that their place looks as welcoming as possible. Even if you do not have guests visiting you often, it creates a sense of warmth and comfort for the members of the household. It feels good when you come back after a tiring day to a welcoming home. In order to help you create a welcoming ambiance for your house, interior designers in Pakistan recommend the following ideas:

Start With The Entrance


The entrance is the first thing that one encounters whenever they come to your place so it is the first thing you need to touch up to give it a welcoming vibe. Right after the main gate comes the lawn so make sure you are also paying attention to the aesthetics and upkeep of your lawn. The grass should be trimmed and plants should be well managed. You can also put up a swing in the porch or the lawn. After your lawn, your hallway should be in proper shape as interior decorators in Pakistan consider it essential for a welcoming ambiance. Don’t forget a chic welcome mat to greet your guests. You can also place shoe racks and coat hangers in the hallway but make sure they go with the overall theme of the place.

Set Up A Cozy Mood


Make your home cozy for all weathers. It should be a place where everybody can enjoy and feel at home. You can do this by using soft fabric for your couches and seating areas as well as your bedroom. Arrange fluffy carpets or rugs and comfortable furniture with cozy seating material such as leather or velvet. You can also add layers of pillows and blankets, especially in the colder weather. Your place should not only be comfortable but should also provide ease of access. Focus on the arrangement of sofas and chairs.

Let The Lights Shine


Proper lighting is crucial in creating a welcoming home. According to interior designers in Lahore, the best practices include adding wall scones and central chandeliers in order to light the room in the center as well as on the sides. You can also add floor lamps or a table lamp to create a nice welcoming ambiance. Since the entrance is the first part your guests see and it should be welcoming, make sure you have a good light arrangement in that area as well. Remember we told you about paying attention to your lawn? You can add solar light stands to light the pathway at night which is not only functional but also amplifies the welcoming vibe of your house.

Add The Right Decorations


Decorations can have a strong impact on the way your house feels. The décor can make your house feel more welcoming and can leave a sense of warmth for the guests. You can install a swing with comfortable seating and cushions in your lawn or patio which makes it look chic, cozy, and welcoming. You can also hang a flower wreath on the door depending upon the season. Remember the lighting part? According to interior decorators in Lahore, string lights are a really good addition to make your house look chic and modern without making the room look cluttered. You can add plants which will make your house look fresh and add a contemporary touch. Similarly, by using scents you can not only enchant your guests but your house will be more welcoming. Go for light fragrances in winters and stronger ones in summer.

Pour Out Your Personality


The best way to give your house a perfect look and vibe is to pour your personality into it. If your house reflects you then it can make you feel more at home. Be it the functional part of the house or the aesthetics, having things your way can help you feel more connected with your space. It all depends upon your preference. Interior designers in Pakistan also recommend painting your house in warm or neutral colors so they feel welcomed as well as give a timeless appeal. Prepare an activity corner where you can read, paint, knit or do any other activities you enjoy. Go for the material that is timeless and becomes better as it ages.

Creating a house that welcomes your guests with open arms is not impossible. It only takes consideration, brainstorming and the above things to be incorporated in your design.