Winter is just around the corner. With this changing of the season, we also need to make some changes in the home décor. You cannot welcome the chilly winters just by taking out your hoodies and jackets, but you need to make your home cozier too. Winter is the time when your home needs to be warm. You need to turn your house from an airy space to a cozy hideout from the cold where you can hibernate. Here are some tips gathered from interior decorators in Pakistan on how to create a cozy home.

Create Layers Of Texture


The first and the most fundamental step in creating a cozy home is to make layers. This is just like wearing layers of clothes in winters to stay warm. So following this simple analogy, all you need to do is to put layers of fabric over each other. The prime places to stack layers are your beds and sofas. Get plenty of blankets and use them as layers on your bed or even your sofas. You can also use pillows and cushions with mixed patterns. The most iconic of all the elements is fur that can really give your place a warm and luxurious appeal. According to interior designers in Pakistan, velvet and silk are also exceptional choices to add glamour to your space while keeping the comfort level at a maximum. To avoid making it look monotonous and boring, mix different patterns and arrange them in different heights. This task may look arduous, but once you get into it, you will enjoy the process and the results for sure.

Rug It Up


Winters can freeze everything, and no matter how good your floor is, it’s definitely not good enough to walk bare feet in winters. In order to take the coziness of your home up a notch, adding rugs or carpets is a great way. It can be connected to the layers in the previous section. Rugs are basically an added layer, and you can actually use more than one rug to make it warmer and cozier. Rugs also create insulation and are suitable to create warmth. If your room is quite large and you cannot find a suitable rug to cover the entire space, interior decorators in Pakistan suggest adding multiple small rugs. You can use them anywhere. Either place them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or other rooms of the house. If you have carpet on your floor, then rugs will enhance the appeal and mood of your space dramatically. Just make sure they match the overall décor of your room.

Make Use Of The Fireplace


Another trending décor element with an important function is the fireplace. Built-in fireplaces are prevalent in modern house designs in Pakistan. They mostly use artificial heaters instead of old wood-burning fireplaces because modern interior design is focused on sustainability and saving the environment. Even if you didn’t get a built-in fireplace, you can still add elegance, warmth and make your house cozy by using a portable fireplace. You can also use fancy, sleek, and simple gas fireplaces that can be affixed in the wall and create an appeal that instantly attracts. 

Add Soft Furnishings


If you want to crank up the cozy factor in your house, the easiest and the simplest way is to use throws, pillows, cushions, and blankets. According to the best interior decorators in Pakistan, the more you invest in these items, the better and cozier the end result will be. You can pile them on your bed, couches, and even on the floor. The same layering rules apply to how you need to set them up. The fabric you are going to use will make all the difference, so investing in the softer and warmer fabric means a more comfortable space to curl. Fabrics like wool, velvet, and chenille are considered to be the best for this purpose. Interior designers in Lahore also put emphasis on draperies as they play a vital role in creating a space that screams coziness. Blankets and throws not only create a cozy interior but also come in handy to wrap around yourself when you want to sit in a corner and read.

Use Winter Plants And Scents


Last but not the least, every season takes the stage with some scents that are specific to it and winter is not an exception. To really get ready for the cold days and freezing nights, interior decorators in Pakistan suggest targeting smell – one of our most powerful senses – to create a warm, serene and cozy ambiance. Lavender-based scents can help relax and woody aromas like the alpine forest will make you feel like having a trip to the tropical islands. Similarly, interior decorators in Lahore focus on creating green zones in the house which keep your space fresh and lush. The idea behind this is to keep your house lively as compared to the dull, weary presence of the outside. It will not only lift your mood but will make your place more relaxing. Especially if you have snake plants that act as natural air purifiers, you can make the inside environment pleasant during smog days.