Pakistan is one of the fortunate countries where people get to enjoy all four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each of these seasons have their own charm. More importantly, it is what breaks the monotony. Now that the winter is about to start, people are not just looking to completely switch their wardrobe, but also keen to find ways to make their houses more cozy in order to combat the chilly weather.

But do you really think that a cozy interior designer in Pakistan can help you beat the cold? Well, the answer is certainly ‘Yes’. Home owners across Pakistan can keep their dwellings warm by indulging in cozy fabrics, textures and etc. However, this doesn’t mean that they should completely revamp the whole interior, as one can make the house more comfortable and warmer by simply switching a few things.

Here are 3 solutions to make your home cozier in the frosty conditions.

1. Switch Curtains

curtainsIf you reside in an area where chill air can be felt during evenings, then sealing those windows and doors with leaks is the first thing that will come to your mind. But what’s next? Well, replacing those light weight fabric curtains should be your next task.  You must opt for a fabric that not only gives a warm feeling, but should also be thicker than the previous drape fabric.

The thicker curtains won’t let the cold breeze pass that easily, in case, you have missed a leak or two in the windows. Don’t be mistaken there is an extensive variety of thicker fabrics out there and not all give that warm feel. Therefore, learn about different varieties of thick fabrics before heading out to the market.

2. Add More Layers

Adding more layers of bedding such as quilt covers, comforters and etc. is another way to make things warmer in cold weather. In fact, many among us are already following this drill every year. Yet those, who are not familiar with this trick, will find it pretty useful.

Home owners can further improve the feel of their rooms by ensuring that besides bed rest of the room also get a makeover. For instance, by filling empty corners of the room and using interesting lighting owners can make the room look cozier.

3. Use Carpet or Rug

Bare tile or wooden floors can be pretty unforgiving when the winter sets in. Using a plush carpet or rug is therefore the best option for home owners, as it keeps their feet warm and also add a distinct color and character to their interior. But one must carefully select a carpet or rug, as a wrong selection can completely ruin the look of your room.

The safest option to go with are rugs or carpets that matches with the existing style and color scheme of your interior. To the extent selection of warm rug is concerned, Navajo textile rugs fairly meets this criteria because it gives your room a cozy cabin like feel.