Houses are the safe haven where the family not only lives but also creates memories and expects to leave it to the next generation. The house bears the brunt of natural forces such as storms, rain, UV radiations and acts as a shield to protect you. Homeowners mostly pay attention to the interior and design of the house while constructing a new house. The often neglected yet the most essential element to consider is the durability of the house. The design and structural beauty should be awe-inspiring. However, the structural integrity should be strong enough to withstand the test of time. If it is not according to the standards of home construction in Pakistan, the natural forces may make their way inside and cause a lot of trouble.

Here are some ways you can enhance the durability of your house.

Choose Your Material Wisely


The materials you choose to construct your house play a vital part in determining the durability of your house. Not only that, the materials you pick help you make your house energy efficient as well. According to architecture companies in Pakistan, the choice of materials directly impacts the longevity of your house. Based on the common durability principles, wood and slate sliding are the worst exterior materials as they are prone to degradation from moisture and thus have very little resilience. These materials are also more likely to get damaged by the pest attack. The best materials to maintain the optimum structural strength are brick, stone, iron, and steel. Especially for the roof, you can opt for chips, brick, and marble, or in the case of a side gabbled roof, go for composite shingles because it is the first line of defense. For siding, choose brick and fiber cement as it is not only sustainable but also ensures maximum sturdiness.

Choose A Solid Door


The door is the main entrance into the house and is the first impression of your house as someone is entering. By the door, we mean the inner entrance and not the main gate. Though they have been the popular choice for a long time, you should not choose a metal or wooden door. The reason you must not pick wood is quite obvious as it is not very robust and reliable. On the other hand, metal doors are strong but too heavy to be used as the front door. The most durable and light material is fiberglass. It has the strength of metal and aesthetics of a wooden door. You can choose wood or any other material for the inside doors because they are not directly exposed to the outside environment.

Employ An Efficient Drainage System


Water is the basic necessity that you use at your home. The water supply is maintained and controlled through a network of pipes and drainage systems. If the drainage system or the pipes are faulty, the water can seep through the pores into the house. It can then cause water damage which can become a reason for many other problems. Not only that, it can further lead to mold formation, weakening of the walls, destruction of wood material, and in the worst-case scenario, flooding. Architects in Lahore recommend using the latest PVC pipes, which are long-lasting, sturdy, and less likely to be damaged under pressure. Similarly, for the garden, instead of using French drainage systems or other traditional methods, use permeable pavers made of concrete. These not only prevent water pools during rainy seasons but can also protect against water damage.

Weatherproof Your Windows


Windows allow nature to flow into our house and freshens everything up. However, the same windows also face harsh weather conditions and can get damaged. In a storm, if your windows have damaged seals or improper weather protection, the air and water can make their way into the house. They will then cause different problems such as rusty metal, rotting wood, and mould growth which is very costly to fix. Construction companies in Lahore suggest using shades for windows that act as an added protection from the rain. You can also add Bermuda shutters or removable hurricane shutters when there is a risk of the storm. Also, check the window seals regularly and replace them when needed. To make your house more sustainable and energy-efficient, you can also rely on the latest fiberglass material.

Paint Your House With Durability In Mind


When you are constructing a house that can go a long way, you cannot choose the paint without any thought. Wise consideration is needed when you are selecting the exterior paint of the house. For a hot and arid climatic region like Pakistan, using lighter shades is a common practice of architects in Pakistan. The reason is that these colors absorb minimum amount of sunlight and make your home energy efficient. Similarly, the heat absorbed may damage the construction, which can be prevented by using light colors. However, in the Northern regions of Pakistan, darker shades are recommended because of the cold climate. Also, use the latest weather-resistant paint. It will ensure the longevity of the structure and the aesthetics.