Have you ever been to a restaurant that left a profound impact on you with its luxurious ambiance, and now you crave the same fine dining experience every day while your dining room is anything but luxurious? If yes, then you are in the same boat as many of us. We all love the look and feel of an expensive restaurant and want to bring that magic to our dining room (and table too – in terms of food). Turning your dining room into a luxurious retreat is not a difficult task. Here are some tips that will help you do so.

Let Your Walls Speak


If you have plain, empty, white walls, your first step towards luxury should be to paint life into them. White walls are far from being luxurious, and if you want to create an expensive dining experience, you need to give them a bright color. Popular color recommendations for luxury house designs in Pakistan include darker shades of red, violet, green and lighter shades of neutrals like beige, gray, etc. The bright colors will add a dynamic touch to the room, while the light shades will give it a hint of sophistication. If you want to take it up a notch, wallpaper is the way to do it. You can use any pattern, design, or texture in the wallpaper that adds a high-end statement to your dining room. It can either be in contrast with the other elements of the room or it can be the same in color and style as your table, curtains, etc.

Table Decorations


Another element that makes restaurants look luxurious is the decoration of the dining table. You can either have a really beautiful table with a marble top that puts your design into the baroque spectrum of design. The most common and loved decoration of interior designers in Pakistan is to add floral arrangements on top of your table. You can do it anywhere in the house, but the impact it will have on your dining room is just out of the world. Other than flowers, you can utilize various other decorations like rotating trays to serve food or a fruits basket. If you do not have a marble table, you can use an embroidered tablecloth or even a simple one to add elegance to the table.

Do Not Forget The Rug


Adding a rug may seem like a minor thing, but it has a very classical impact on the whole décor of the room. Rugs have always been an item of luxury since ancient times. This tradition has not faded so far as rugs are used to create a high-end decoration experience. Interior designers have always focused on adding the rug in the room to enhance its depth and visual richness. Rugs ought to be part of your dining room because of their room-defining power. They bind the whole design by connecting the dining table and the rest of the furniture with the floor and act as accents to the table and chairs. If your floor is plain, then a plush rug with patterns will look better than a plain one. Make sure that your rug is always in some kind of contrast with the floor so that its visibility is enhanced.

Invest In Proper Crockery


The dining room is all about eating and to render an exceptional dining experience, you need to invest in proper and elegant crockery. All decorations aside, if you do not have proper cutlery set to go with the ambiance of your dining room, all your efforts to create luxurious dining will go to waste. According to some interior decorators in Lahore, even if you do not do anything else, having gold or silver flatware is a simple gesture to lift the face of your dining room. The reason is simple because the glittering gold and the shining silver cutlery just screams out, “luxury”. However, if you are the kind of person who does not like flashy metallic cutlery, you can switch to simple ceramic and black flatware which will give your dining space a very high-end look.

Fine Lighting Creates Fine Dining


Lighting is an important part of creating a design that looks high-end. It not only gives a bright look to the room but also helps it look more spacious. Lighting has always been the center of exotic decorations whether they were in baroque, classical, or modern style. Nowadays, every construction company in Pakistan is putting a lot of emphasis on choosing and installing the right lighting solutions. Having ceiling-to-floor windows will provide your dining room with a full day of natural light and will make your space look bigger. With plants outside the window, you can also turn it into a view worth seeing while eating. Other than that, try to install lights above the dining table which can brighten up the seating area and will give an actual feel of luxury. Similarly, do not forget to put wall scones or ceiling lights in a spread-out manner, maybe installing one in every corner. It will create a very dramatic and serene scene at dinner.