Once they put their mind to it, people can construct just about anything – from a sandcastle on a beach to a house of cards on the coffee table. Talk to an engineer and they are likely to connect construction with large-scale public works such as skyscrapers, bridges, and power plants. As an architect myself, I have a slightly different association when it comes to the word ‘construction’. For me, it all leads back to the worksite with the team ready to construct a custom-designed modern home in Pakistan. Both architects and designers find their ideas taking form in reality- from the drawing board to three-dimensional, well-designed spaces – an extremely rewarding experience.

The Significance of Good Design

Significance of Good Design

Before any kind of construction project can begin, there should be a detailed project design as well as supporting drawings and specifications available for the team’s use. This design will show the building’s substructure up to the superstructure. This means the document will detail the building’s entire design from the foundation all the way up to the roof.

Bringing the Design to Life: Construction Process

Project Proposal

Usually, the client initiates a project and approaches an architectural design firm as well as a project management team to partner with. The team works together to determine the appropriate location as well as the set of applicable standards that will be followed.


Once the project is closer to being finalized, it is time to sit down and talk design. This is still a preliminary stage, which means that nothing is guaranteed at this point. The team that is in charge of the design, led by an architect, will need to make sure that each of the building bylaws and codes is being met. They ensure that the proposed structure will retain the project owner’s vision, follow all the applicable building bylaws, and still be a usable space. There are normally four different steps within the design stage: programming and feasibility, schematic design, design development, and contract documents.

Construction Process

    • Pre-Construction Stage

The next stage of a construction project begins once the contractor has been selected. After that, a project team is assembled.

    • Procurement Stage

Now it’s time for the project team to order and obtain materials, equipment, and workforce. This stage of the project can be more or less complex and challenging depending on how big the project is.

    • Construction Stage
      • A meeting is held to ensure that all team members are on the same wavelength before the actual construction work starts. The agenda usually includes the following topics:
          1. How to access the Job Site
          2. Project’s Quality Control
          3. Materials Delivery, Storage, and Access
          4. Estimation of Construction Crew’s man-hours
      • It is primarily the responsibility of site supervisors and engineers to guide the labourers and ensure that the architect’s vision is being adhered to. Architects and designers visit the site from time to time to check on the overall progress and determine whether their ideas are emerging through the construction work.

What is meant by the term ‘Affordable Construction’?

Affordable Construction

The term affordable construction simply means that to construct something economically or a process of construction that does not burden the client’s pocket. The construction process can be divided into many parts. The building’s structure needs to be sturdy enough to support all the weight and there can be no compromises in this regard. In this tech-savvy era, architectural design professionals are coming up with brand-new ways to develop walls or partitions that can double as design elements. This approach can help lower the overall construction costs.

Eco-friendly Habits + Creativity = Affordable Construction

Did you know that up to sixty percent of the waste generated in our households and sent to the landfills can be recycled? The easily recyclable waste includes glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum. Bricks can be made out of plastic waste, and walls can be made out of glass bottles. Recycled plastic or shipping containers can be repurposed as furniture in everyday living spaces. In countries with varying states of economic stability, like Pakistan, the price of construction materials can fluctuate drastically. That is why experienced architectural design professionals choose to embrace sustainable construction materials and techniques.

Affordable Construction

At Amer Adnan Associates, we provide the best possible solutions to the client according to their budget and aim for designing wellness spaces. Our designing techniques keep pace with the latest trends in the global marketplace. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance for our team.  We prioritise maintaining open and candid communication with our clients to make certain that the construction project incorporates their wishes and needs.