The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most used and functional rooms of the house. It is also the room that experiences the toughest environment because of excessive humidity, heat and exposure to various bleaching chemicals. It is quite obvious that these things will have their effect on the condition of your bathroom. Not only that, you will also see that interior design styles are continuously changing which can make your bathroom look outdated. Because it is so frequently in use, you cannot actually plan on frequent renovations of your bathroom according to every new style. We have found the solution to this problem in creating a timeless bathroom look that will never get old with time. We are going to share with you some tips that can help you style your bathroom for a walk through time.

Choose The Right Colors


To create a timeless design, your choice of color matters the most since it is the most obviously visual element in your bathroom. Usually interior designers in Pakistan recommend going for neutrals as they are the perfect choice to create a timeless effect. If the word “neutral” creates a plain image in your mind then you are quite far away from its true meaning. Beige, taupe, stone, greys and browns are some of the most widely used neutral colors which can be used to create a dynamic look too. However, the true king of timelessness is white. It is elegant, simple, clean and crisp. Moreover, it acts as the perfect base for you to mix and match other accent colors which can easily be changed whenever you want while the white stays there. If you want a timeless look with flexibility in it, go for white.

Pick Natural Materials


Another secret ingredient to create a timeless bathroom is to use natural materials. Our interior designers in Pakistan love using marble, stone, ceramics and even wood to create a timeless appeal with elegance and luxe. You can use these materials in whatever color you like but it really takes the whole design to another level. Marble is quite a great choice for walls and flooring. You can also use stone to complement the marble. Ceramics should be your choice for sanitary. Wood, despite the popular belief is quite durable in humid environments so you can use wood for vanity and other storage spaces. These materials never go out of fashion and always seem to be a contemporary trend. Wood makes your bathroom look cozier and creates a priceless contrast with marble and ceramic. On the other hand, marble makes your bathroom look luxurious and turns it into an overall serene escape.

Do Not Forget The Essentials


Bathroom essentials include the necessary items like vanity, bath tub, sink hangers and a few shelves maybe. These are the items which are going to be on your list forever and thus will create a timeless look. In terms of colors, white is a great pick, however, you can also use them in accent colors to create a pop or make focal points. The next thing is shape. Most interior designers recommend to go for classical shapes because if you buy your bathtub in that new cool shape that you just saw in the magazine, you will feel the need to change it after some time because you are bored. Classical shapes are great because they complement any style and every setting. Unless your bathroom is really small, go for free-standing items because they make the bathroom look fabulous and you can also make small tweaks whenever you feel like making a change.

Lighting is Pivotal


Bathroom lighting depends upon the personal taste and overall style of the bathroom. It plays a pivotal role in creating a timeless space so interior designers in Pakistan suggest making a large window to let the natural light in and adequate artificial lighting to keep everything lit at night. To create a timeless effect, you can either use artificial lighting on walls or ceiling or both. It depends upon the size of the bathroom. Wall sconces with metallic luster or white shades are a great option as they are sleek and complement the overall look of your bathroom. If your bathroom is bigger and you want to add a ceiling light then a classical chandelier will give your bathroom an ultimate classical look that will never get old.

The Decoration Needed


Last but not the least, the décor your bathroom needs to stay relevant for a long time lies in the simple principle of “less is more”. Soft designs and décor are the favorite road for interior designers in Pakistan to take. This includes the textile part in your bathroom which includes curtains if there are any and towels. Use soft plush towels in colors relevant to your design and if you want something to pair up with your white theme, serene green and blue will really look great. Classical soft décor is the prime choice for an appearance that won’t fade with time. Use classical hardware items with either metallic luster or golden shine as it creates a luxurious vibe with a timeless appeal. To make your design eternal, use lush green plants if the space allows. These will really uplift the mood when you are trying to get a nice, relaxing bath after a tiring day.

Try out these ideas to turn your bathroom into a place of timeless beauty with a little effort and creativity.