What is the common perception when it comes to describing the decor of a house? You must be thinking about kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, corridor etc. What makes one area or room different from the other? No doubt, a structural design plays a significant role in making a classification but in case of bedrooms; you need to do a little more for adding a distinguishing factor in each.

It is actually the interior design which adds special kind of aesthetic feel to an area. For every zone in a house, a modern interior designer in Pakistan can add a distinct flair. Let us get into some details on how interior decorating options fluctuate with respect to various age groups.

Kids’ Room – Must be Multifunctional

For the little creatures in your house, you need to design a multifunctional room, where they can not only can relax, play and study but can also learn. Whatever, design or accessories you choose for your kids’-zone, you need to keep the safety factors above all. Make sure that furniture placed in their rooms does not have any sharp edges. Use colored furniture and avoid using glass or mirrors. For shared room of kids, bunk-beds are a good choice because apart from providing a sleeping space, these also have different kinds of storage spaces in them.

Place a shelf in your kids’ room where they could keep their books, stationary and toys. One corner can be allocated as a study place where you can keep children’s study table along with lamp and other accessories. Paint the kids’ room with bright paints while using different painting techniques such as sponge painting, stencil painting and various other methods.

Youngsters – Add a Style and Make it Gender Specific

Youngsters want more of a style in their bedrooms – therefore, you can make their living areas more stylish by giving it a gender specified composition. For instance, for a girl’s room, choose the paint colors such as pink, glossy purple or violet. In the similar way, the curtains colors and all the upholstery should be in the same colors in more delicate fabrics such as silk and velvet. There should be a mirror on the wall or you can add a separate dressing table that carries more stylish feel.

In the similar way, for the boys’ room, you can use blue, sky-blue, apple-green or grey color. You can hang a guitar on a wall or can use various other interior designing techniques such as drawing special characters with stencil painting, said by renowned interior decorators in Lahore.

Mid-Age – Needs More of a Professional Look

The room of middle-aged people should carry more of a serious and professional feel. It never means that you should not add any livelier effect but make sure the comfort is not affected in any way. Use color tones with respect to their age group such as – beige, grey, white or off-white.

Elderly People – Keep it Calm and Comfortable

The rooms of elderly people are supposed to carry more of a comfier and cozier feel with a carpeted floor and balanced lighting. Always keep the comfort above everything. Make sure the bed you place here, is not too high or too low. Design the interior in a way that it should carry more of a sleek feel with everything just perfect. Do not forget to place a lamp alongside the bed. Using off-white or white color inside their rooms is the best option because it neither carries a boring nor a bold look.

A perfect home decor is one which truly respects the different tastes of each member of a house and also gives a welcoming effect.