A home is a place of comfort and protection for everyone. If you have kids, designing a room for them is equally important. Designing a room for kids may not require a lot of money but a lot of creativity is needed. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect room for your children, which will make them happy and fall in love with it.

Make It Personalized


Kids love to have their rooms designed according to their preferences and personality. Kids are quite observant, and their desires often take priority over ours, so it only makes sense to let them have a room, which they will love. Interior decorators in Pakistan recommend utilizing their hobbies, favourite TV shows and other things of their choice to decorate their space. This kind of environment will also help them grow up in a creative and stimulating space that will nourish their minds. You can put up framed posters on walls, get them customized beds and other furniture or you can also have a wall dedicated to showcase their pictures as they grow up.

Create A Themed Design


Kids love themes, and they want their rooms to be designed in a certain way. Yes, they should be personalized, but they also need to follow a theme. For instance, if your child is a fan of fictional characters or loves animals, you can always have wallpapers of the character or in the case of animals, you can paint an animal kingdom on the walls. Architects in Lahore say that furniture should follow the theme as well. In a space-themed room, if the walls are painted like the universe, the bed can be in a rocket-like shape. If you are not going that far and trying to keep it simple, you need to make sure that you still follow the theme.

Add A Play Area


Kids are full of energy, and no matter the time of day, they are mostly hyperactive and spend most of their time in different activities and playing games. When you are getting their room designed, top interior designers in Pakistan recommend setting up a play area so they can have a dedicated space to play. What kind of play area do you need for them? Well, it depends upon their age group, their interests and the available space. It is great if you can find and use multi-purpose items such as a rug, which can act as a play mat with different designs on it. The paint in these areas should be bright and can have different patterns on it, even if you are keeping the rest of the room simple. Also, make it a comfy corner with bean bags, layered rugs and blankets so they can relax whenever they want.

Involve Them In The Process

You are designing the space for your kids and it is their right to be a part of the process because the result is meant for them. Involve your children by asking them what they want. For example, after you have got the walls of the room painted, you can involve your kids in decorating the walls. You can ask them to draw something, and then hang your kid’s drawings on the wall. You can make grass and cloud cutouts with them, which you can paste on the wall. They will love the process, and their involvement will make their day. Similarly, get their help in setting up their play area. Let them prepare their drawers and put their toys on shelves and other storage areas.

Colour Choice And Furniture


The colour choice for your kid’s room should also be according to their choice. Usually, creative, bright colours are the prime choice. Bright colours create a warm, exciting and cheerful environment. When it comes to furniture, it should be flexible, functional and multi-purpose. Instead of sofas or chairs, bean bags offer flexibility and can also be used by your child at any age.