Besides having transparent procurement process, skilled labor and technical competence, a professional design and construction company in Lahore also strives to build your project as per drawings and designs. So, you get the best value for money. Most of all, you get to discover the real value of investing in A class construction.

4: Build As Per Drawings & Design

The design team at AmerAdnan Associates ensures that our design solutions are both visually appealing and highly implementable from the moment an idea is conceived.

Our design team specializes in producing photo-realistic renders with real illuminations, a trait that is hard to find. More importantly, they are always up-to-date on the latest design trends and keeps the rest of the firm inspired with their exceptional work.

The team is widely experienced and their digital competencies reach all the way from concept and idea development stage to implementation.

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5: Professional Project Management Services

Apart from designing and construction services. The best construction companies in Pakistan such as AmerAdnan Associates also provides professional project management services to oversee and report actual progress, quality, and development of your projects.

Whether it’s a fast track refurbishment project or a large-scale mixed-use development, the international award-winning company offers professional project management services to all. Quality construction, implementation of design and timely delivery is ensured by a senior architecture, who oversees each step of the construction process by analyzing every aspect of design.

All our project management personnel are experienced professionals with a construction and architectural background and here is how they aid you:

Project Management:

1: Establish project objectives

2: Promote cooperative team work by motivating workers

3: Evaluate progress against key performance indicators

4: Manage the design coordination and procurement process

5: Manage workforce and construction process

6: Oversee cost control & value engineering

7: Do quality management

Development Management:

1: Manage cash flow

2: Establish clear objectives & success criteria of project

3: Coordinate with multiple vendors and ensure timely delivery of materials

4: Establish maintenance & handover requirements

5: Project closure

6: Post project assessment

Cost of A+ Grade Home Construction

The A+ grade construction has luxury finishes with foreign branded fittings & fixtures. In Pakistan, the estimated cost of A+ class construction for gray structure begins from 1,800 Pak Rs. per square foot. Whereas, the finishing cost starts from 2,200 Pak Rs. per square foot. In full, A+ class construction cost you from 4,000 to 4,500 Pak Rs. per square foot (depending upon the material and finishing you choose for your abode).


The construction prices quoted in all 5 parts – written under this series of articles – projects an estimated cost of C, B, A & A+ grade home construction in Pakistan. It is highly likely that these prices may differ because the rates of construction material greatly varies from city to city and province to province.