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Guide: Different Construction Grades And Cost To Build Home In Pakistan (Part 3)

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6 years ago

3: Poor Window Frames

Apart from their failure to replicate locally designed homes, B grade contractors use low quality products such as inexpensive window frames.

These window frames have poor finishing and ill-fitting – leaving drafts and gaps which gives way to heat, cold and dust throughout the year.

Consequently, use of ACs and heating appliances remain high and energy bill consumes all your initial savings.

4: Inexpensive Tiles

A cheap tile can never match a high quality tile. Period.

Why we say so?

Cheap tiles mean poor durability which reflects future risk of cracks, chipping and problems with glazes. So follow this simple rule of thumb when building a house: The Better It Is, The Better It Will Do For You.

Still looking for a bargain?? There are smart ways to do it.

Visit a tile retailer and look for high-quality “end lots” and discontinued tiles from different designer companies. Hardness rating counts, but it’s the quality of clay that matters the most. We hope that retailers will aid you find quality tiles that fit your budget.

B grade builders don’t want to get into such hassles because their sole aim is to make profit by installing low quality tiles that are easily available in the market.

5: Cheap Paint

Though it’s hard to distinguish cheap and expensive paint with naked eyes, but purchasing a low quality paint is a huge mistake.

Private contractors often suggest their clients to buy cheap paints as they come with cash token prizes. This cash prize obviously goes into contractor’s pocket.

The most awful thing is low cost paints do not hold up well as bulk pigments used in such paints, called extenders, lacks the strength to remain intact to the walls for longer period.

Also, the color turns dull and fades away quickly compared to top class paints that not only retains sheen and brightness, but have better washability too.

A quality paint can also be recognized from ease of application, effectiveness to hide surface imperfections and how it maintains its attractive looks over time.

While low quality binders in cheap paints reduces its resistance to UV-light and decreases color retention, the high-quality resins in expensive paints provides sufficient hardness and sheen.

General belief is name brand is the best indicator of quality, but professional construction and architecture companies in Pakistan suggest otherwise.

6: Hollow-Core Doors

If you expect that after spending 2500 to 3000 Rupees per sq ft. you’ll get to see solid wood doors in your new abode, then think again.

Apart from the main doors, the remaining doors in B grade houses often have hollow-core construction. The surfaces of these doors are made of MDF (fiberboard) which greatly varies in durability. The cheapest hollow-core doors are built from plywood that is derived from rainforest trees.

The primary disadvantage of the hollow-core doors is they are light, can easily damage and do not have sound-proofing capability.

In contrast, solid wood doors holdup well, especially in heavy traffic zones. In case of damage, you can easily refinish them without any hassle. Whereas cheap hollow-core doors are replaced when damaged.

So always opt for quality construction when choosing doors for your new home. Because it’s an investment that will pay your for years to come.

7: Low-Quality Cabinets

It’s not unusual to see low-quality cabinets in B grade home constructions.

These cabinets are built from cheap materials like particleboard, low-quality hinges, fasteners, bolts, beams and triangular blocks that never guarantees a solid construction.


Homeowners need to understand that “Quality Doesn’t Come Cheap”. There is no pride in getting something done for less because your home is an asset.

The investment on this asset will pay you for many years to come. If you haven’t invested in practical design, quality materials, and products, then be prepared to update and replace them every year or so.

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